Sunday, September 14, 2008

Time to learn

Life is full of lessons we need to learn & we choose to learn. As part of my new job I am having to learn about all aspects of Insurance. My current subject Travel Insurance. I found the picure of the map on the net & added the words Travel Insurance in my photo editing program. The cardstock is some new Core'dinations colourcore in Nostalgia collection. You can sand, tear or antique it to show the gorgeous dual colour.
As for lessons we need to learn, we often only realise when something tragic happens how important it is to enjoy every day, love yourself, love your friends & family, and if like me you are a crafter, make the memories last. A lady called Aleida, who I came into contact with on the Studio Calico kit site, tragically lost her life in a road accident on Friday morning. It appears the accident happened through someone's negligent driving. They jumped a red light, ploughing into this ladies car & killed her. Her small children are left without their mum & her husband has lost his life partner all because someone couldn't be bothered to wait a few more minutes.
I shed a few tears for this lovely lady that i barely knew and made sure i went to see my dear friend Colette, who i miss but struggle to visit often enough. So everyone needs to make sure they tell those that matter just how much because all too soon things could change.


Jacqueline said...

Paula, I honestly thought you were an English woman! Everytime I read your blog I could imagine you in the U.K. and now I read you are from the U.S. Now, how come!

lam said...

beautiful minipages and I´m glad you like your new job. hope you soon have time to craft again because I love stopping by your blog and get some inspiration

Andrea, said...

Fab pages Paula and perfect for your new career. I hope eveything is going well with your training. Have a fabulous week

lizness said...

Paula, I'm sorry for your loss, too (and, thanks for your kindness to me, my friend). HUGS and thanks for the reminder to hang on tightly to those we love.

Pearl said...

O Paula , I dont even know Aleida but it's a small world & you do !!! I was so rocked to hear about her sudden death !! Being close to her age & all that !

Indeed we can always appreciate more those who matter most !!!!

Susan said...

I'm so sorry for the sadness, Paula. You are right - we need to treasure our special people while we can for everything can change in the blink if an eye. Take are. X

Marjolein said...

Great page Paula... and I too am sorry to hear about the loss of your friend. You are so right, we have to tell the people we love and care about more often how we feel..
Thanks also for you kind words,the colleagues are nice,I have several, just need more time to get to know them. But, I'm off for this week, unfortunately.. ah well, my feet can get some rest now:-)
Have a great week!

Je@net said...

I saw it on the blog, such a tragedy! Couldn't believe it! And your words are so true!
Your pages are beautiful Paula, love them!

alcoholinky said...

lovely pages Paula. live the way you've split the picture between the two.