Friday, October 12, 2007

Behind with a few things!

Thank You to everyone who has asked after my health. It is touching to receive so many emails.
On Thursday I was quite poorly & ended up coming home from work at lunchtime. I have spent all of today in bed & am beginning to feel less dizzy. I have some time off work & just know I am going to be ill most of it!!! Sods' Law I think they call it.
Anyway, as the title says, I am quite behind on a few challenges I really wanted to do. The one below is Arty girls, Glueless. I got this completed Wednesday evening but couldn't get a photo as it was dark. I haven't given it another thought until this afternoon when I got up to lay on the sofa. One of my team mates has loaned me the 1st Tim Holtz DVD & I fancied watching it again. To me seeing crafty things is the next best thing to making them!
I made the ATC below with melted wax. I had no beeswax & used some of the Llbs of parrafin wax I have from a candle kit. It went disasterously wrong to begin but discovered that if the wax is too thick, then you can melt it off using a heat gun. Then I stood it up & cracked the wax & had to reheat again!! Paper is DCWV, Art Deco Stamp, Design Objectives, F;ora; Stamp, See D's, real pressed flowers, Lakeland Ltd. The plan was to drop beads in the flower centres but it dried too quick.... not to worry I did have fun while I did it & practice does make, well better!
Now Im off back to bed.


Julie said...

Paula it's absolutely gorgeous!!!

Sorry you've been so ill :( hope you're feeling better soon matey


Julie xx

ooh and thanks for joining in with Arty Girlz challenges again :)

crissi said...

Yay paula i was getting worried ,,, well done its fab, hope you feel better soon ((hugs))
Thanks for sharing and joining in with the Arty Girlz challenge.
Crissi xx

scrappa jack said...

Beautiful, really beautiful. Hope you a restful sleep. And are back to crafting soon.

Crystal said...

Very lovely! I really like the corner stamp and the dried flowers.

scrappa jack said...

Just read your tag comments. Me too with the 'normal' family. A loving one would do.

Andrea said...

This is wonderful, love the flowers in the corner. Glad you are feeling a bit better today.

Jane said...

Paula this ATC is fantastic! Hope your feeling a bit better now x

Liz Ness said...

Cool ATC...Hope you feel better soon and have a little time to yourself! What a drag to be sick when it's your time off!

Take care and HUGS!

Janine said...

SOds law sucks at times!! The good things about crafting is discovering things like you did, and the result was stunning...

Latharia said...

Glad you are feeling a mite better -- and that card turned out lovely!!

Marjolein said...

Great card!! Sorry to hear you are still not feeling well, and you've got days off? Geeez....maybe you needed them so badly..... Hope you feel better soon girlfriend!!


the dreamer said...

Hi, dearie! So sorry to hear you've been under the weather. Hope you feel better soon and still get to enjoy your time off. Sod's law indeed.

As always, you amazed me with this, Paula.

Here, when it's All Saints' and All Souls' Day and there are lots of candles in the graves in the cemeteries, the kids gather up the melted wax and make wax balls. =)

Hope you feel better soon, dear!


michelle said...

ooh.. i love how this turned out. I hope you are doing better, hon.

Leni said...

very nice