Wednesday, 31 January 2007

DCM mid week extra- Sketch

This week's little extra is a sketch. Obviously with Copyright to consider, I am unable to show you the sketch given to work from. You would have to go to the Daring Cardmakers & see for yourself.
I seem to have lost my card mojo right now & it has taken me two days to come up with this.
Papers are some Victorian that I was given by my friend Cath, vellum envelope from a book of vellum, small flowers from CraftyCarrot. Mini clear hearts centres from a template. Tiny buckle MM, & ribbon some give from clothes & lingerie that work mate Jade has cut out!!!
Tiny tag, yet another recycled gift tag. Am going to have to buy some of these from a stationery shop as I love them!!
Not my best of efforts but still right for the time of the year!
Picture is a bit crooked, I am cold remember from no heating!!!!!!!

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UKS Jan Week 5 Challenge

Finally, I managed to get the sewing machine sorted out. Still no zig zag, but I did locate spare needles. I needed this design completing for my Jan points.
The design challenge is underneath.
This photo just doesn't look great on here, but it is the best I have ever taken.
I stood undeneath the tree & took it. I have blurred the edges slightly to give it a romantic quality!!
Their is a new mid week extra card dare set but right now I have a blank mind. I just can't get a design working. It is most probably the cold. I can't feel my hands & feet. Today is day 5 & the flat is very damp & horrid now.
I ran a bath on Sunday not realising the boiler had gone out & it wasn't even lukewarm, eugh!!!
My poor kettle has been boiled within an inch of its life!!

Challenge is by Dizzy Dots.
All to do with Romeo & Juliet & Sleeping Beauty.
Use a Shakespeare quote 10pts
A picture of someone/thing sleeping or something you think is beauty 10pts
Use dots as they are the dizzy dots 5pts
Use or pocket or stitching 5pts bonus 30pts
TOTAL= 40pts.
I used Dena's closet paper, Quote is from The Tempest; Merrily, merrily shall I live now, under the blossom that hangs on the bough..... rather fitting I thought!!
Blossoms from poundland! Brads papermania big brads, I am soooooo in love with these!
Title & quote done using font Vivaldi on self adhesive vellum.
Edges inked with brown ink & tiny tag (another recycled gift tag) also inked pink & brown.
It says So Beautiful on it in Vivaldi font.

I am very pleased with how this page turned out. Stitching's a bit wonky but adds to the effect that I wanted to achieve. Kind of a "world is crooked but there is beauty to see", IYKWIM!!!
My next design is using the new pencil lines sketch from the guest designer Elsie Flannigan.
Go over & have a look, it really is fantastic. I already have my photos ready, it will be fun shots of me. So, once my heat is back on & my crafting fingers warm, I will complete it!!!!

Tuesday, 30 January 2007

Art Journal week 4- Symbol I Love

At first I found this one quite hard to think about.
I just couldn't get a symbol into my head. So I left it a while & pressed on with a different project.
Suddenly it came to me. The Farmer's Weekly, magazine.
Every Sunday we would go for lunch to out Grandma & Grandad Burt. We would colour in Grandad's old magazines ,while he watched the farming program on the television.
Years later, I would scan through my father's mag for articles of interest.
So I suppose this symbolises my family.
The fob pocket watch is also a symbol as my Grandfather always wore one & my father now has them. Very elegant time pieces.

Technical Hitches & Problem with Happy!!!

Yes ladies, Happy is having a problem this week as Pixie's boiler has broken & she's got no central heating or hot water!!! The problem began on Friday night, typical, the landlord had gone & would not be back until Monday 9am, when I am already at work.
When I get home for lunch, the shop is closed for lunch!!!!!!!!
At 5pm last night the stupid thing refused to light at all. I have had problems all weekend keeping it lit & have had to reset it every half hour. I couldn't get a full bath on Sunday as it went out while I was running it & my hair didn't get washed properly.
So now it is freezing cold & I am trying to think HAPPY thoughts until a service engineer can be located. Which is no easy task, given the number of sharks we have called out to this property.
Seriously, I've had so many cowboys I could open a ranch!!!!!

As for technical problems, I had an arguement with my sewing machine last night!
I am almost finished with this weeks UKS challenge & just require the stitching to be done.
Said machine decides it won't do zig zag stitch. So Pixie thought, there's nowt wrong with straight stitch we'll have that instead....... huh! Stupid needle bent & after searching fruitlessly, Pixie decides perhaps she'd best dig out the mini machine instead!!
I got this free with a magazine subscription & it doesn't do zig zag stitch. Anyhow, the power supply & foot pedal can't be located so said page is still awaiting stitching at some point TODAY!!!

Don't you just hate having half done stuff hanging around?
Perhap Pixie better stop tidying up because everytime she does, she can't find anything!!

Monday, 29 January 2007

Sneaky Peek!!

I have spent much of the weekend completing
my Photo Swop challenge. I recieved pictures
to scrap from Jacqui & have been sketching &
moving bits & pieces around for days.
I orignially went with a grey background but it
didn't work!
Anyhow, I can't share it with you as Jacqui is to see it
first & the pic is not crystal clear anyhow.
I took two. One with & one without the flash.
The orange was far too acid with the flash.
I will post both pics, one & a link to the other
when the unveiling time is here. For now I will just leave
you with a small taster. I'm pleased with it, though I
daresay many people will not like it!
I did have to work with a colour I am not fond of,
but absolutely love this combination.
I've had no Aezine this week, but am working on a "HAPPY" minibook.
It will contain images & journalling of things that make me happy, & can be added to
over the year.
Due to Paula's family sadness, I have had no BOM, but do have a few projects lined
up for other people. Also, we had no Sunday Blogger. So nothing much to report
other than my sneaky peek!!!

Sunday, 28 January 2007

Art Journal Week 3 - I Am

I don't think this one needs much explaining.
This is me, I blurred the picture & turned it sepia as it was taken at the height of summer
(ha ha ha, there's a joke for you!)
I was covered in freckles & I hate them as they distract the eye too much from the subject.
I was playing around with the camera trying to get a decent shot for my blog profile & after 50 shots I got one I liked. Thank Heaven for digital cameras!!!!

Saturday, 27 January 2007

Art Journal Challenge

Over on the UKS forum, I came across this thread about a Art Journal Challenge.
It is running for 52 weeks & there is a weekly prompt over on this blog.
I decided like many others, to use a pack of playing cards rather like ATC's.
They will build up each week into a tiny journal all about me!!!
So although I am behind, I have got the first two made & the 3rd is on its way.

Week 1, What Am I Proud of?

This photo is of my father's parents, George & Flossie Burt.
I am very proud of my grandparents. They worked vey hard all their lives.
Grandma ran Burt's sweetshop, which I hope to get a photo of some day.
Grandad worked his father's farm. My father in turn also worked the farm for
10 years after Grandad's death in 1977. My Grandmother also worked at Byfords,
as a seamstress. It later became Corahs.
I did a stint in a factory working for Warner's Lingerie, which was a far cry from
the hard work my Grandma would have had to do.

Week 2, What is Powerful To Me?

Music....... I just couldn't imagine ever having to live without it.
I find it brings so many emotions to you that you can easily fall out
of touch with.

Below is my very first ATC, which was given to me by my friend, Cath.
She makes wonderful ones & if you haven't already taken a look, her link is in my
sidebar under Cats ATC's.
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Happy Birthday, Rachel!

Yes, another of my team mates on UKS is having her birthday today.
Hope you have a fabulous day, Hun.
I haven't much to blog about right now as I have had another violent headache & can't concentrate on crafting. I have shed loads of housework to do & that has to come first before any of the fab projects I have got lined up for this weekend. she says as the clock is already passed 1pm!!!! I have had a quick music change, Muse, "Hysteria", one of my favourite tracks from the Absolution album. Still can't find the My Chemical Romance track that will actually PLAY!!!
I'll leave you with this pretty picture that my friend Joy emailed me. How delicate are these butterflies!!!
However, the orange page for the New Year photo swop is coming on really well & I am beginning to feel panic over having to part with it!!!!

Friday, 26 January 2007

4th Friday DCM - Heavy Metal

Not Heavy Metal, as in music (sadly!!) ,but the card must have something metal on it.
well, I am involved in a New Year Photo Swop, over on The Bumbleberry Cafe.
I have photos from Jacqui to create a layout with. Her daughter Alanna is the subject of these photos, & this sweet little girl's favourite colour is....... Orange!!!!
I have none, I'm not overly fond of it, me having red hair & all!!
So my fabulous teamies over on UKS, kindly donated (couldn't wait to get rid of!!) some of their acquired orange.
It's kind of grown on me a little & I decided to make this card for the dare...
Papers are mixed Flavia, kindly donated by Nic. the spots I'm not sure of, from Pauline. Photo is one of my own, Snowdrops in snow. The mini spotted frame is MM.
Orange ribbon, blossom & two metal orange flower brads (holding word on card), from Anne.
Metal word, "Wishes", MM. I wrote birthday in silver gel pen.

Card for Pauline

Yesterday was Pauline's birthday. She is one of my fab team mates over on UKS.
I made her this card as I just fancied something a little different!!
I love tags so instead of putting them on the card, I made the card the tag.
Don't look too closely at the flowers as they are handstamped using my new set of See D's Morsels stamps. I also stamped the inside bottom of the card.
I definately need some practice using these!!!!
The papers were from a selection I bought with cardmaking in mind & the ribbon was from my secret santa another one of my UKS teamies..
The blossom was one from the new Papermania range.

Wednesday, 24 January 2007

DCM mid week extra - recipe

The recipe;
6 Flowers (I doubled up the centre one to mimic a Daffodil, though the photograph is lousy)
7 Eyelets or Brads (used 7 small green eyelets, & a small brad fixes the centre flower)
5 Letters ( I chose HAPPY, to fit my theme for 2007, & how Daffodils make me feel)
Additional material, bling!!!!! Lemon ribbon.

January Week 4 challenge.

I have to confess was a real fun project (see below for the pictures). I have thought of a few more quirky bits to my nature since completing it.
So there may well be an update page or two to come!!!
The reason being Debbie asked me, Does your desk always look that tidy?
The answer, oh yes. It is the first thing you see as you walk into my living room & as my computer is my God(lol), it can't be cluttered!!!
Now for this week's challenge LO.
See beneath the picture for details.

Song from film/show 10pts (I used Power of Love, from Back to the Future, by Hewy Lewis & the News)
Photo with 2 or more family members 5pts (Sister & new hubby on wedding day)
Use brads 5pts (Mine are 6 small green brads from papermania, new collection)
Use Ric Rac 5pts (more papermania from their ribbon collections)
Handmake your own flower or other embellishment 5pts (Iused some of the patterned papers & stamped a flower on the back, & cut out Adding bling to its centre)

Total bonus pts 30 plus 10pts SLO= 40 pts. Was a fantastic challenge. I did this straight away on Monday night. Took this long to get a decent photo!!!
Oter materials used were, HOTP Wedding papers & the cardstock was Papermania special effects.
The title was handcut (so don't look too close it is very wobbly!!!) from signature font off the PC. See my beloved computer to my rescue, in the absence of a craft robo or an alphabet for my Elliot!! (man have you seen the price of them!)

Tuesday, 23 January 2007

The time has come.... I Have To Confess

Thank You so much, Shimelle! I had such fun putting this little book together.
I remembered things I had almost forgotten.
Each image is reasonably easy to read but clicking on them does enable you to read the journalling.
Blogger wouldn't let me post them all together so I had to create two posts.
I shall be making a similar book another time as it was really quick to do & thoroughly enjoyable.

Back cover (pink)
Front cover shot of me in a kind of thoughtful mood with transparency to keep it protected (but which smudges really easy!!!)


I Have To Confess....continued

Zany Snow Trampler

Computer Anorak Wentworth's best Fan!

Swarfega love

Monday, 22 January 2007

Aezine Challenge

The Aezine challenge set on Wednesday was to consider your absolute essentials.
If you had to throw away all your craft bits what would you choose to keep!!
God forbid this would ever be asked of us!!
I gave it some though & here is what I came up with.

1) My Computer & Printer- I hand cut titles generated in WordArt.
2) Scissors- both ordinary & tiny nail ones. I like them for the details.
3) Xcut knife, Fiskars self heal mat & metal ruler- for all cutting
4) Guillotine- Very good for taking edges off pictures & squaring up card.
5) Camera- My Konica Minolta Dimage Z1. I couldn’t take photos otherwise to scrap!
6) Cardstock- Lots of 12x12 as it is versatile & can be cut to any size & makes tags, pockets.
7) MM Eyelet setter- Lovely sleek gadget that sets them so quickly. I love eyelets for fastening vellum.
8) Brads- another favourite fastener of my but great for adding flower centres & spots of colour.
9) Script patterned paper & vellum- I find it is so versatile & makes dreamy looking items on LO’s.
10) Buttons- so decorative on there own, in groups & added to other elements such as circles for impact.
11) Circle cutter- I can’t cut free hand to save my life. My Fiskars cutter gives a good range of sizes.
12) Ribbon- I just adore ribbon & it disguises errors & adds colourful accents all over.
13) Stapler- I have two sizes a mini & standard. Perfect for adding an industrial look & attaching ribbon bits.
14) Corner Rounder- I just love rounded edges. I love the neatness of them & how leaving some undone you get fab shapes.
15) Adhesive- glue pens & dots. I have a range of different ones & most certainly couldn’t do without my new E-Z runner!!!
16) Reporters Notebook- just a cheap 150 page spiral bound notepad for all my ideas & sketches.

I can't imagine life without patterned paper now that I use it, (was once too afraid to start or cut the gorgeous stuff) But sometimes it is good to create a design without it so the picture shines out.
I could never make another mini book again if I couldn't use paper, or at least so I thought.......
Check this space tomorrow as it is, Confession Time!!

Sunday, 21 January 2007

Just got to share this with you all...

My friend Joy sent an email this afternoon & this little guy was one of the pictures in it.
Isn't he so cute....

Sunday Blogger

Ok - So recently, I’ve noticed, 2007 has led to a lot of people re-organising themselves, the hunt for ideal storage and craft room loveliness has been at the fore front of a lot of our minds.. but have we done anything about it?

The sunday blog prompt this week is :Show us your favourite parts of your craft area/room/studio.Or - if you don't have a dedicated area, how do you pack everything away and where do you hide it!?take your camera on a little walk and show us your secrets!!!

Large die cut sheets & card storage. Boxes in cupboard for paints etc.. The large oval brown box houses two more inside & they are currently empty..... waiting for new stash!!!

Mini drawers for eyelets, bows, epoxy stickers etc.

Drawers for more card in A4 size plus shoe box blank cards
chocolate tin for pretties, hearts, mini ribbon slides & teeny bits.
Hat boxes for all the rubber stamps, more card blanks & large wired ribbon reels.
Most of this is in my living room & blends in with the furniture.
The room is in too much of a tip for a full photo, "I'm crafting in here to be close to
the PC & stereo"!!!!

Saturday, 20 January 2007

The original DCM card

This is the card I originally began, but after an arguement with
the jump rings I gave up & entred the naming ceremony card I'd
made instead.
Now, the rings have played nicely with me & the glue is dry.
the paper is Daisy D's, the insert taken from a wallpaper sample
that I scanned into my computer.
The lighthouse charm, from Debbie. The starfish was in a card kit & the
fibre is also from the same kit. i wound one piece up into a small circluar shape.
The other is gently knotted & glued around the aperture.
the kit was from The Works book & crat shop.
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DCM dare. Remember Playschool?

This week's dare was "Through The Window".
Use an aperture on your card. I love apertures, they
add excitement to a card, because you can sneak a peek
of what is behind!!!
I have two designs in mind but the second one is still
in construction stage!!!
(I had an arguement with the charm & jump ring!)
this one is very simple. It is a teddy bear with balloon
coloured with chalks. The balloon is duplicated onto the front
above the window so that when the card is closed the teddy
still appears to be holding his balloon.
It was for a Naming Ceremony, for my Financial Advisor, Carl
who works in our office.
The other one is in progress & may appear later on today!!!!
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Friday, 19 January 2007

Not so Good end to Friday.

I got home in pain & thought a bath would do the trick. For three hours I have struggled to keep the internet on but can't send or recieve emails!!!
So, I gave up & went to bed, but the pain in my back has driven me up again.
I never got my card for the dare done & have yet to really do much with my confession.....
My back has been bad for a while now & I mostly manage to bear it, but today has been damn right awful. I feel very sorry for myself as sitting or laying down makes no difference.
For many years I was a Contract Cleaner & I have caused damage to my lower vertebrae. They are fusing together & I need to start regular visits to the Chiropractic, but these cost a lot of money & that is something I don't have a great deal of right now.
To make me happy, I am going to down a nice tot of Baileys & see if that can't rock me to sleep. I woke at 4a.m & am so tired & grouchy now !!!!
I have to start thinking of my craft essentials list for the latest Aezine challenge. I'll try counting sheets of card instead of sheep!!!

Happy Friday...& almost confession Time

Yes girlies, confession time is nearly here & I have to say I am quite excited. My friend Louise gave me a lift down to Tesco & I got new ink cartridges for the printer. And, to make me really happy, they had their own brand matt photo paper. I so lurve this stuff. It prints like a dream with no silly flashback & it is excellent for journalling be it on layouts or greetings for cards.
Today sees the next card dare over on Daring Cardmakers & the 3rd BOM challenge.
I am involved in a photo swop with the lovely ladies on Bumbleberry Cafe, & I recieved Jaqui's pictures yesterday. So now I have a layout to plan for this. But priority will be "I have to Confess....the weekend class.
I can't wait, Friday is always an exciting day of the week, it being the weekend & all, but this Friday is doubly fun.
The search was on for some new music & again disappointment ruled the day!!! Three of my four choices are not available, but not to worry because my 2nd choice was. A nice upbeat groovy tune by The Killers, Somebody Told Me. I luv it, luv it, luv it!!!!!
Oh & I almost forgot, having seen Jakey's fabby Artist Journal card, it got me very interested & I plan to play along at some point. The blog prompts are marvellous & I have several ideas kicking around. I was going to start last night but after a hard night's shopping ( dinting the poor plastic) Louise & I felt the need to re-fuel!!!
So we went for some food at The Old Farmhouse. Italian Style Meatballs with pasta & garlic cibatta 2 for £10. So I "rolled" home stuffed & too late to do anything except surf the net in search of orange papers (for the photo swop)

Thursday, 18 January 2007

Jan weekly challenge 3

Apologies right away for the poor photo. the light seems to be really poor the two ends of the day that I am actually home. So I shot home at lunch to try & get a pic ( bearing in mind this has been sat on my desk two days now waiting!!) No Good. Gave up & got the best shot I could!!!

Theme Then & Now/Opposites 5pts
2 or more photos 5pts
2 or more lines of journalling 10pts
2 or more patterned papers 10pts = bonus 30
SLO= 10 total 40 points.
I used 3 different papers (Rob & Bob studio) free in SI, for this as I thought they went well. Again, they are a bit shiny really for my taste. The leaves that decorate the two striped pieces are stamped with a set from Lakeland Ltd. The buttons are from Papermania.
The poor quality makes the journalling impossible to read but it tells how this is one of my favourite trees in our local park & I got a shot of it in Autumn, then & now in Spring.
I have one in the snow but the ink ran out in my printer!!!!!!!
I found this challenge a struggle to do as I didn't feel that inspired by it. Most ideas I had didn't work on paper as ever!!!

I wish you could see the photos better as this tree really is beautiful & seeing it makes me happy!

Happy is a two way street....

and to be happy, you often find you make some one else happy first.....
I have added a new link to my blog under the visual delights & non craft blogs & websites.
The link is to my friend Cath's photobucket where she uploads some of her amazing ATC's & cards. Also some family pictures. She is very talented you should go take a look. I really love the ATC's & think she might very well be interested in the Art Journal challenge over on UKS.
I will tell her all about it tonight & I'm sure she will thoroughly enjoy doing it. I feel happy inside thinking about this as it will give her scope to expand her skills. Her card making is pretty cool too.
So I know it made her happy I have added her to my links & it has made me happy knowing she is. So it really is a two way street & the happiness is doubled!!!
And, confession time is approaching FAST!! Keep watch..

Tuesday, 16 January 2007

DCM mid week Extra - Imagine

Here is my offering. It is for a work colleague's 60th birthday this coming Friday.
I have made this card for all the staff to sign.
Unfortunately the picture isn't too clear but it will be going with me to work at 7.30am so it is the best I can do.
I used purple papers by HOTP. Tags cut from purple card.
Fibres are a ball of wool.
Quotes printed onto self adhesive vellum.
Vellum torn envelope on the front is held on with large purple MM eyelets.

The quote, in case it really isn't clear;
Imagine .
No matter what we have come through. How many perils we have safely passed, or how imperfect & jagged our life has been. We cannot in our heart of hearts imagine how it could have been different. As we look back on it, it slips in behind us in orderly array, & with all its mistakes, acquires a sort of eternal fitness, & even at times of poetic glamour. Randolph Silliman Bourne.

The quote on the tag is, Each birthday is a new beginning, full of promise, opportunity & the chance to make dreams come true.
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My BOM wk2, after a slight technical hitch!!

Blogger didn't want to upload this for me early today!
This is the 2nd challenge & the theme was, What do you look forward to the approach of......
Well I love spring. The close up of the journalling in picture two explains why.
Papers are MM Boho Chic Olivia, Wallpaper Stripe, Plum Dot & floral Lattice.
Rub on words, Royal & Langnickel. 3 mini yellow brads, accentz.
The paper was all sanded with a nail file (emery board) & inked with purple petal ink.
The photos were also sanded to soften the edges. The journalling was done using MSPmincho.
Flower on the tag cut from transparency & coloured with gelly roll pens.

I did the close up so it was easier to read.

Monday, 15 January 2007

Aezine second week challenge- Happy 3x5

The challenge set Wednesday 10th, is to be shared today.
We had to make a 3x5 card & use our dictionary defintion of our chosen word.
I had used a portion of mine on my layout & a happiness quote on my Hapy Tag, so this is just the meaning as the dictionary gives it.
Not sure I like the reference to murder a whole, but this card will move to whichever room I am working in so I can see it.
I used a white gelly roll pen on the button to give it hair & a smile.
I didn't want it heavily embellished as I don't want the eyes lead too far from the reason behind the card. Too many twiddly bits & you won't see the words.
I completed my BOM layout last night so will be able to share it tomorrow.
I am getting happiness from doing these challenges as they are making me discover myself.
I changed the design twice before I got it finished & normally I agonise for days!!! So I am definately keeping my new style flowing.

Sunday, 14 January 2007

Sunday blogger

Sunday bloggers this week is a "practical" one.....Grab your camera - take a walk around your home.. and snap some of the little things that make you happy...Even if its just one thing.... x
We all fill our home with things that make us smile... how about sharing them with us...

Here are a few pictures of the things in my home I adore;

My Sofa. It is so much larger than the old one. Far comfier & when I sit on it I smile!!!
I can lay down full length on it & to me it is my best friend at the end of a long day.

My Stereo. I love music. I have diverse taste, ranging from Rock to Classical. Some of my favourite bands right now are, Muse. My Chemical Romance. Killers. Fray. Train.
Music can make us feel many emotions. Without music it would be like taking the colour out of life.

Table on my landing.
My hallway is empty but for the staircase up to the main landing where my kitchen, bathroom & spare bedroom are. It is very long & uninviting. I inherited pink walls & grey/blue carpet. to add a cheerful splash of colour, I split my nest of tables & put this smallest one on the landing. Everytime I go from my living room or bedroom down onto the main landing it is the first thing I see.

Show me the things in your home that make you happy.......
I could go on forever with my pictures. Bowls of pebbles, bowls of rattan balls. Candles & picture frames. My family photo corner which is above the stereo. I think the bottom line is, we only fill our homes with happy things. Some make us smile more than others....
Spencer, my teddy is my biggest smile giver!!

and I Have Something to Confess....

But I'm not telling you yet!!! So watch this space.

UKS Jan House Challenge.

Boy am I HAPPY that I have got this finished!!!
It was one of those pages you regret starting. I decided to keep on going, but in all honestly I don't really like it. It didn't transfer from sketch to page how I intended!!!
I do lurve my palm tree & the cloud covering a bit of the sun. The rest just seems tacky to me. Oh well, I did my best of a bad job.
Time to move on & crack on with the other projects I have lined up for today.

The best bit has to be my teddy Spencer sat at the base of the tree!!!!

Saturday, 13 January 2007

Quick "Happy" Update!

This post is edited at the bottom!!
Last night & first thing today, has seen me struggling with my word.
Happy is not how I'm feeling right now. I have gone & misplaced my debit card. I tipped the flat upside down last night several times. I haven't used it since a week ago & my bank is still full (ha ha ha , that's funny) so it isn't stolen. I jsut can't recall where I last saw it.
Yup, I've gone & done it again, Jakey!!!
So as you can guess no grocery shopping happened last night. Today I have to go over to the hairdressers & it will be lunchtime before I get back.
I can see I will not be getting my gorgeous day of crafting while watching more Prison Break, with the delicious young man, Wentworth Miller to make me happy!!
I'm playing some music I love in the hope I won't wobble & give up, but I really want you to send me some vibes to help me remember where I put it!!!
Is this what turning 40 does!!!!!! Crikey it isn't March yet!!!!!
My Dad will be reading this later & killing himself laughing, won't you Dad!!!

This edit is the email I sent my dear friend Joy.
I gave up searching for the stupid debit card & rang Barclays to cancel it. The card had already been blocked. It was found in Sainsburys’ last Friday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I have no recollection of leaving the store without it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
This scares me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Anyhow it was reported found & blocked. Nothing has been taken from the account & I have to go into Barclays on Monday & request a new one as I need identification for another one.
So food has got to go on the already stretched credit card as I will be card-less for a week & the bank is shut!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Bloody marvellous!!!!!!!!
I really am losing the plot!!!

Friday, 12 January 2007

DCM 2nd Dare of the Year!

After a few technical hitches today, (i.e lack of internet) I was able to catch up & find out the new dare for this week; Raid The wardrobe.

This weeks dare is to look in your wardrobe for inspiration. It may be the pattern on a skirt, the style of a shirt, the pattern on a jumper or the fringe of a scarf. Your card could be clothing shaped! Just go with your creative flow.

As chance would have it, I had been asked yesterday to make a card for someone's daughter who is going to a ball. She wanted something chic.
I think it is a good card to use for the dare as I designed it with my black dress in mind. I wore the dress for my sister's wedding back in October. It is the only item in my wardrobe I can actually fit into!!!

The handbag is a Jolee boutique sticker & the dress cut to shape from a white dress I had in my stash from a year ago.

following on from my last "Happy" post...

check this out;

There are things suggested by Ali, here that I hadn't thought about regarding how to spend just one hour of your time creatively even if you don't actually "create" anything.

I think her idea is preparation is the key!!!

Must think on that!!!!!!

Thursday, 11 January 2007

Been giving thought to my word Happy.

Since choosing my word for 2007, I have spent quite a lot of time thinking about it.
I know some time ago I did a post about why I craft. It makes me happy. Then I listed the small things that make me happy. I chose to list them around the edge of my happy LO. These things were sunshine, log fires burning, candle light... Laying in an aromatherapy bath knowing the good it is doing for my skin & my whole well being. Afterwards, wrapped in big fluffy towel to dry sipping hot tea or the occasional Baileys ( I always recieve a bottle of this each christmas.) I thoroughly enjoy spending time after my bath putting moisturiser on because although I am not a fanatic about cosmetics, I do believe we need to take very good care of our skin, including applying sunscreen.
Once done I like to spent time reading or sketching designs.
This is one of my rituals. How many others of you have these little rituals. Time spent enjoying time on your own feeling happy???

After tonights' bath ritual, which included the boring bit, washing my hair!!!, I spent time watching a DVD loaned to me by my friend Louise. (Prison Break series one) I smilled from ear to ear this morning when she handed it to me. Again, it was a moment of sheer happiness. I have started to note these moments down throught out the day, in what I will call my "Happy Journal". It will be a blank notebook filled with sentences or words just whatever comes into my head. (Right now it is scraps of tatty paper stuffed into my appointments diary) Someone told me how pretty my tag looked on my work PC today & after explaining why it was there, & no it wasn't to be parted with!!!, I felt really happy that my pretty tag had made someone else stop & think.
With this weather so wet, dark & windy, I feel very low & I figured if I had a happy notebook, I could later on in the year make a happy tin or minibook. Something to record these moments forever. It would be like turning the sun on in dark times.

Today, I also took out my family photographs as these make me happy.
Here are a couple of my favourites. They feature on my revolving cube right at the very bottom of this blog. They are of my Grandma & Dad, Grandad & Dad & my Mum & Dad.
The picture of my parents is especially precious to me. I can see how young my parents were. How in love they were. It makes me happy to know my parents were very happy. It also makes me feel a little sad knowing what they could never have known the moment the camera captured those smiles.
So, I will leave you with this thought, it isn't a quote or anything I've read but something I feel,
I chose Happy for many reasons for my word in 2007, but when I look back over the years at all that has happened & all the wonderful people we have lost, I realise that life has to be lived as fully as you can.

BE HAPPY, let it fill your heart & soul, & live for those we loved & lost as well as for those we DO love and WILL love.........