Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Art Journal week 4- Symbol I Love

At first I found this one quite hard to think about.
I just couldn't get a symbol into my head. So I left it a while & pressed on with a different project.
Suddenly it came to me. The Farmer's Weekly, magazine.
Every Sunday we would go for lunch to out Grandma & Grandad Burt. We would colour in Grandad's old magazines ,while he watched the farming program on the television.
Years later, I would scan through my father's mag for articles of interest.
So I suppose this symbolises my family.
The fob pocket watch is also a symbol as my Grandfather always wore one & my father now has them. Very elegant time pieces.


Tracie H said...

I used to colour in my dads Hare and Hounds mags when I was ickle and forgot all about it 'til I saw your fab card!

CoCo said...

Fabby Paula....am also going to try to catch up and do this challenge. Love yours...and this symbol is a fabby idea!

Vee said...

Great paula - I have my fathers silver watch - might do something with that


Megan said...

Very elegant indeed Paula! As is your card!

Megan xx