Thursday, January 18, 2007

Happy is a two way street....

and to be happy, you often find you make some one else happy first.....
I have added a new link to my blog under the visual delights & non craft blogs & websites.
The link is to my friend Cath's photobucket where she uploads some of her amazing ATC's & cards. Also some family pictures. She is very talented you should go take a look. I really love the ATC's & think she might very well be interested in the Art Journal challenge over on UKS.
I will tell her all about it tonight & I'm sure she will thoroughly enjoy doing it. I feel happy inside thinking about this as it will give her scope to expand her skills. Her card making is pretty cool too.
So I know it made her happy I have added her to my links & it has made me happy knowing she is. So it really is a two way street & the happiness is doubled!!!
And, confession time is approaching FAST!! Keep watch..


scrapdolly said...

I am beginning to think happiness was the best word ever.
Love todays post

Maisymary's Findings said...

Hey Pixie Girl

Wow a whole range of men's cards in mind ! Hope we get to see them soon !

Got some pics on my blog to keep in view for the confessional lol

can't wait !

xo, Pearl