Monday, January 15, 2007

Aezine second week challenge- Happy 3x5

The challenge set Wednesday 10th, is to be shared today.
We had to make a 3x5 card & use our dictionary defintion of our chosen word.
I had used a portion of mine on my layout & a happiness quote on my Hapy Tag, so this is just the meaning as the dictionary gives it.
Not sure I like the reference to murder a whole, but this card will move to whichever room I am working in so I can see it.
I used a white gelly roll pen on the button to give it hair & a smile.
I didn't want it heavily embellished as I don't want the eyes lead too far from the reason behind the card. Too many twiddly bits & you won't see the words.
I completed my BOM layout last night so will be able to share it tomorrow.
I am getting happiness from doing these challenges as they are making me discover myself.
I changed the design twice before I got it finished & normally I agonise for days!!! So I am definately keeping my new style flowing.


jake said...

I'm behind with this owing to the fact that I had to bring some work home with me this weekend - and it took a lot more time than I'd hoped. Plus, I fell off the wagon on Friday... so spent Saturday in a rather delicate condition. Then, on Sunday I broke my blog, which took forever to put right.

A heap of bad stuff all round. Hopefuly I'll catch up with everything this week, before I'm swamped completely in post it notes!

CarolineO said...

Love your happy postings of late, its great to focus on the positive side for a while, I could do with a bit of that! Love the old family pics below too :)

scrapdolly said...

Brilliant Paula

And I am afraid I fell at teh first hurdle. My excuse ... it's been totally mad here - I have NOT been RELAXED!

Gillian Hamilton said...

Aww, I love that you made your little button smile... That made me happy too...
It's wonderful to see your enthusiasm Paul, you are doing so well at all of the challenges..

ania said...

Ahh that little smiley face was too cute :D And happy is such a ... happy word hehe :) It's nice to have the definitions easily spotted...and it looks so cool too...I need to find the definitions for mine soon so I can work on that part too :)