Friday, January 12, 2007

following on from my last "Happy" post...

check this out;

There are things suggested by Ali, here that I hadn't thought about regarding how to spend just one hour of your time creatively even if you don't actually "create" anything.

I think her idea is preparation is the key!!!

Must think on that!!!!!!


Eleni said...

Very good read! I pretty much try to do what she's already mentioned ... My friend Irini and I have Tuesday mornings as a designated scrap morning ... so we get together and try to inspire each other. I was talking to another friend, and we've thought to get together every second Monday morning.

I sometimes do my journalling on scrap paper and put them in an envelop with the photos that it's describing until I can get back to them.

... and of course, the blog is a powerful tool ... so it's a place to tell a story and then go and scrap it! :-)

Megan said...

Excellent advice on there Paula!!

Now to put it into practice......!

Megan xx