Thursday, January 04, 2007

Something Sensational happened on Day 4

I recieved my very first Aezine newsletter for 2007.
This can be found in my sidebar under inspiration. It is a life artist newsletter from Ali Edwards & it is going to be the start of a new journey for me.

Anyone can sign up for the emails & I urge you to play along with me. I have going to have some real fun. I'm sure you will join me won't you Lynne!!

So to start I have to choose a word which sums up what I want for 2007.

This is going to be MY word for the whole year. Choose it & think about it, mull it over in your mind. I have. Then the weekly challenge is, create something, anything celebrating your word. It could be a blog post, a journal entry, a layout or just a simple post it note.

I have chosen a blog post & will also be doing a layout which I am to share with Ali on 8th Jan.


this is MY word.

I want this to be for me in 2007. When I close my eyes & think about happy all kinds of things flick through my mind. I see blue skies, sunshine. I see flowers, birds & insects. I hear my favourite music, I smell wonderful foods. I sink dreamily into soft scatter cushions & sumptious bedding. I float in an aroma filled bath. I run through piles of autumn leaves & watch snow fall silently. I see kittens play, I smell fresh coffee

and all these things make me SMILE. A big fat smile that makes me feel happy!!!!!

Just sitting on my big sofa with my throws & cushions makes me feel like a queen & I know I am blessed to work hard & have these things. I'm not saying material things are the most important thing but these kind of things just give us a boost to our well being.

So, ladies, sign up today & play along. Make this journey with me & get some layouts made. (This should do wonders for my team points over on UKS!!!)
And I need to give credit here to Jane Dean for the link to this cute little pixie.
Go to Jane's blog, Sea Breezes, where you will find a link to a place where you can make your own cute little chics. The site is bless this chick.
Isn't she the cutest!!!


Gillian Hamilton said...

This does sound fun...
and I love your Happy post..
I'll pop over later & have a 'bopeep'!.. oh BTW I really love your little pixie picture..

scrapdolly said...

You little temptress you
Off to look at the link and hopefullt play along with you

I love what you wrote today

jake said...

You've convinced me..... :-)

I'm with ya baby!

jk x

Lynne.x said...

Right I'm off to think about my 'word', so many are coming to mind ..... hmmmmm!!!!