Wednesday, 30 August 2006

Just for Fun!

Having had a dull day, (well I have been at work!), I decided to check out the Personal DNA that Anna mentioned on her blog.
It was interesting to say the least & I found some questions hard to decide on. But I got my personal map & it is quite pretty... Meanwhile over on Jake's blog she has been exploring the meaning of colour. I love to know meanings, & find dream interpretation fascinating. However, I wouldn't dare to ask anyone to interpret mine!!!

Tuesday, 29 August 2006

Fine Tuning!

Scrapdolly (A.K.A Karen) very kindly designed my banner for this re vamped blog.
It is really pretty & I'm over the moon with it for sure!!! I know I have said it to you before, but Thank You VERY much,
I was sad to part with my spots as I do love spots. Spotty ribbon, spotty papers, spotty brads....
But, I really had to change the page to have my lovely pixie banner. ( Pixie because I am 4ft 11ins!!)
It was hard going at work today, I really wish I'd had another few days off to play. However I did learn that the baby I am making the mini book for was born 9 weeks premature on Friday. Baby is well despite his early entrance & is DEFINATELY a boy!!! So I can proceed without caution. There was me thinking I had until mid October.....
The New baby girl mini I made last year was meant for mid January & on N Yr's Day, I woke up thinking I really must get it made & when I went into work the next morning (we Insurance folk get short!) baby Grace Rebecca, had been born on the 29th...premonition or what... So there I was N Yr's Day happily scrappin' the full mini while enjoying the movie "Rebecca". Now is that spooky?

Monday, 28 August 2006

Slightly Disappointed

Now it is gone teatime & I haven't made a great deal of progress.
I have got a few ideas together for the altered clipboard but the New Baby mini book is still very much at the "decide on papers"stage. Call me old fashioned but the baby isn't born yet & although I'm assured it is a boy, I am superstitious & don't want to lean too far towards blue!
I did however get my top 5 challenge uploaded & I'm quite chuffed that I got it completed so soon.
Having read the blog of Just Jake, I was racking my brains all afternoon to do something for the Music challenge she has set (if you want a look pop to the link down my side-bar)I could think of the pictures but the design eluded me. I could really do with a book of sketches...
I am new so I guess once I get going it will come to me. I wondered whether to try 8"x8" format as I can work 6"sq really easy. I wanted to use the baby House Martins as the pictures for "World of Troubles" part of the lyrics she has chosen but nothing is working in my head....
So instead guess what I did...The ironing!!! Well it saves me standing at 6am tomorrow & trying to stop the stupid iron dripping water everywhere despite all assurances that it is a Non-drip iron!

Already Lunchtime Monday...

I can't believe how fast a weekend flys compared with a week in work. I like my job don't get me wrong but it still drags compared with "scrapping time"!!
I have completed my second LO for the top 5 challenge, must get a photo uploaded once the batteries are "cooked"..
I'm sourcing ideas for an altered clipboard as I have one in a carrier bag gathering dust & I want to make it all for me to keep ideas lists & use it as a mini mood board.
Disaster struck Saturday. I was meant to be visiting my dad for the Bank holiday but being ill stayed home. He called to tell me the Housemartin's nest had fallen off the wall & the 3 babies were on the grass. As a member of the RSPB, I was gutted. They are alive & his advice from the RSPCA was to put them in a box without getting his scent on them (enter the marigolds..what I wouldn't have given to see dad in them!!) & place them where the parents can see them. If the parents haven't fed them in 24hrs call back & they will collect them. So he made a makeshift nest (I will be uploading pics to another slideshow in the coming week of fav photos I have taken) & I await his news..... Last year the nest dropped but they had already flown to warmer shores...

Sunday, 27 August 2006

Feeling (sort of) Fine....

There is an Album & song by a band Semisonic called "Feeling Strangely Fine", it sums up me right now.... The throat is still very sore & my backache is no better, but I am buzzing with ideas & tired of sketching sat in bed. I decided that as today is reasonably bright, it might not be a half bad idea if I took myself out into the daylight & fresh air.
Of course a trip to The Range was a good idea for a long walk!!!! There I decided to get out my "Wish List" & see what I could treat myself to....
Sadly the three main goodies on my list weren't in stock, so I settled for a pack of the new Papermania ribbon sets. Only £1.99 introductory offer. Mostly I adore ribbon,buttons & brads above all other embellishments. Decided on another X-cut punch (after deciding if I'd ever use it more than the once!) Then a See D's alphabet for odd words. Finally after much deliberation (well there were 5 packs to choose from & budget tight, you know how it is!!) I came away with a pack of the Retro Sarapapers, srummy yummy!!So I feel better now I've had a treat even if the purse is rather deflated lol!!!

Friday, 25 August 2006's Friday!!! I'm so tired.....

Yes, indeed it is Friday at last & the start of 3 whole days off work!!!!
I have a new challenge for the top 5 to get me thinking along with one or two other projects I have lined up in the way of mini books for a Baby Boy & someone has asked if I can do something for her on the lines of her becoming a godmother.... needs deliberating over that one!!!!

A great big "Thank You" to those who have visited my site & posted comments. It was such a thrill to get some so soon & from people I admire too.... I'm not worthy.......
I'm supposed to be away for the weekend but am sadly unwell, so apart from sleep & sketches I don't think I will actually get any scrapping done. Instead, I feel the need to eat!!!!!!!!!! I can't taste a great deal & everything feels like the TV advert for dentures where she looks at the crusty bread & sees half a tree trunk.... but I can probably squeeze some yummy Greek Yoghurt & Honey Carte D'or down my neck.......
Well I need to keep my blood sugar levels up....all that thinking for scrapping... pleasure pain principle etc.... lol!!! I've convinced myself anyhow.......
Hope you all have great weekends scrapping or just being home with family.x

Thursday, 24 August 2006

Top 5 Challenge

Success!! It's probably old hat to most, but setting up this blog has been a challenge & I'm feeling suitably proud of myself!!! I've sussed the photo display problem & got a few in my collection already. The most important of which is as this title says my Top 5 challenge from Paula Sealey. My top 5 favourite songs of the moment. Many are old & I did have to cheat (the envelope contains an alternative 5!!!) as I have 10 tunes that keep me sane everyday.
The number one choice was however "Freaky be Beautiful" by a band called Moist. It is so upbeat but rocks....... I really hope to see everyone else's versions of this top 5.

Wednesday, 23 August 2006

Getting There....well sort of!

Well it's day two & I have learnt a lot in such a short space of time.
Need to suss how to get a slideshow going & also upload some pictures.
My profile pic isn't quite the one I wanted (I am not the worlds most photogenic, lol)
but I haven't quite got the hang of picture size. I have a fab camera, Minolta Dimage Z1
& it takes huge pics......
So far they are all way over the required size, but I'm sure when I get going I can sort something.
I've completed my first ever challenge (see my link to Paula, for details) & I so want to get it on here.
Well I've got until Friday when she sets the next..... I see sleepless nights & drip fed coffee
ahead of me......

Tuesday, 22 August 2006

New Beginnings

Today I branched out & did something totally new & daring...For me!!!
I have created a blog......
I have avidly read blogs from scrappers first thing every morning before work. It sets me thinking for the day & I have had some really good ideas from them. Including seeing all the challenges & people's take on them.
I'm hoping to get more involved with some of them as time goes on.
As the title of my blog suggests I make oodles of mini books, mainly for other people to give to relatives but I am planning ( & have started) a 12"x 12" album of LO's.
(thanks goes to Paula Sealey who's recent suggestion on challenges has kicked my sorry butt!)
There are so many of you out there who can inspire me & get me to do a little more for myself though I do love to give these mini books & see the tears of joy roll down the recipient's faces.