Thursday, August 24, 2006

Top 5 Challenge

Success!! It's probably old hat to most, but setting up this blog has been a challenge & I'm feeling suitably proud of myself!!! I've sussed the photo display problem & got a few in my collection already. The most important of which is as this title says my Top 5 challenge from Paula Sealey. My top 5 favourite songs of the moment. Many are old & I did have to cheat (the envelope contains an alternative 5!!!) as I have 10 tunes that keep me sane everyday.
The number one choice was however "Freaky be Beautiful" by a band called Moist. It is so upbeat but rocks....... I really hope to see everyone else's versions of this top 5.


Paula Sealey said...

Love the layout Paula, it's great and I'm so pleased you've been inspired to start a scrapbook album. A new challenge will be up tomorrow - it's a goodie:)

Oh and I have a Dimage too, the Z3 - love my cameraxx

scrapdolly said...

I love what you have done on your blog

Katie said...

well done on getting your blog up and running - took me hours to get my head around mine!!!