Monday, August 28, 2006

Already Lunchtime Monday...

I can't believe how fast a weekend flys compared with a week in work. I like my job don't get me wrong but it still drags compared with "scrapping time"!!
I have completed my second LO for the top 5 challenge, must get a photo uploaded once the batteries are "cooked"..
I'm sourcing ideas for an altered clipboard as I have one in a carrier bag gathering dust & I want to make it all for me to keep ideas lists & use it as a mini mood board.
Disaster struck Saturday. I was meant to be visiting my dad for the Bank holiday but being ill stayed home. He called to tell me the Housemartin's nest had fallen off the wall & the 3 babies were on the grass. As a member of the RSPB, I was gutted. They are alive & his advice from the RSPCA was to put them in a box without getting his scent on them (enter the marigolds..what I wouldn't have given to see dad in them!!) & place them where the parents can see them. If the parents haven't fed them in 24hrs call back & they will collect them. So he made a makeshift nest (I will be uploading pics to another slideshow in the coming week of fav photos I have taken) & I await his news..... Last year the nest dropped but they had already flown to warmer shores...

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scrapdolly said...

Pauls PM me and I will give you my e mail addy then you can send the picture you want and I will make you a banner
It is no trouble - I can do em dead quick
Karen xx