Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Fine Tuning!

Scrapdolly (A.K.A Karen) very kindly designed my banner for this re vamped blog.
It is really pretty & I'm over the moon with it for sure!!! I know I have said it to you before, but Thank You VERY much, Karen.xxx
I was sad to part with my spots as I do love spots. Spotty ribbon, spotty papers, spotty brads....
But, I really had to change the page to have my lovely pixie banner. ( Pixie because I am 4ft 11ins!!)
It was hard going at work today, I really wish I'd had another few days off to play. However I did learn that the baby I am making the mini book for was born 9 weeks premature on Friday. Baby is well despite his early entrance & is DEFINATELY a boy!!! So I can proceed without caution. There was me thinking I had until mid October.....
The New baby girl mini I made last year was meant for mid January & on N Yr's Day, I woke up thinking I really must get it made & when I went into work the next morning (we Insurance folk get short hols..lol!) baby Grace Rebecca, had been born on the 29th...premonition or what... So there I was N Yr's Day happily scrappin' the full mini while enjoying the movie "Rebecca". Now is that spooky?

1 comment:

scrapdolly said...

Banner looks fab hun. Love your blog.
And if you ever want a new one when you get tired of this one - let me know.