Monday, 30 August 2010

Another selection of cards

that I will be taking to sell at work. I am only showing new ones, not reproductions of ones made before (with the exception of the last post where I showed a revamped one because it has been my most popular ever design)

This is another one which I couldn't get to sit with the top four!! The paper wasn't big enough unless I squashed them up. Can't afford any casualties at this late stage!!

Finally I got chance to play for the sheer sake of it. Something I have little time to do. Now I mentioned in my last post I had a tag that was outstanding, that has now been done & will eventually be posted to Karin in the next week. Sadly no decent photo to share with you yet.
My Chrysalis forum friend, Joanne, has got an article in the new Craft Stamper magazine (October 2010) As a subscriber, I already have my new issue hot off the press.
I love the designs she made & decided as I had time to play, I would make them for myself, but using a different colour palette. I selected, Antique Linen, Shabby Shutters & Peeled Paint Distress Inks for an earthy feel.

What you might not be able to see on here (though clicking on the photo might take you in closer) is that while the background & the black silhouettes were wet (CI-226) I carefully dusted on some Perfect Gold Perfect Pearls. The effect is very pretty. They look less black on the coloured part, almost bronze, but the black on the white remains mainly black with just flecks of the gold. I am very chuffed with the completed pieces.
By backing the designs in shades of green cardstock from the earth collection Co-ordinates, it finshed them off nicely with a touch of black card to make the white stand out.

Monday, 23 August 2010

It's been quite a while..

since my last blog post & to be honest I hadn't realised! Is it me or does time seem to be flying by? Work is extremely busy, added to the fact people are taking holidays & we are all covering each other's client's. I have little or no energy when I get home. I have been creating more of my minibook of books, but that is not ready to share yet. I have a tag outstanding (which is very late) but it just isn't coming together as well as I planned it in my head.
I am also making a lot of cards here & there as the girls at work requested I put some in the office. Below is a photo of a small selection. So far I have 20, completed ones & 4 in varying stages of completion. It is quite hard making for people who will buy to give to friends & relatives. Their tastes are not necessarily mine & many of my beloved distress backgrounds are not suitable. I have also duplicated some of the cards you might have seen on this blog in the last year as they proved popular. I have changed the images & colours slightly as I don't like to make any two the same.

You might have spotted the card in the bottom left corner. This has proved to be the most loved from the last year. I have recreated it several times & to make it slightly different I have added different strips of paper. I also decorate the inside of each of my cards, so that does take a litle extra time. Most of the time i use a piece of the paper carried over to the inside with a decorative edge. Other times I stamp images or corner bits.

Also it is time to show two more pages of my desk calendar. I love to see it all day while working, it adds a bit of glamour to an otherwise boring desk. Let's face it there is nothing exciting about Insurance Policy booklets!! Although I do have a bendy padded flower, that smiles all day!

That is all for now. I must do some blog hopping soon, I try to do a bit each evening but my internet is slow & Im waiting on delivery of a new router. Take care , have a great BH weekend next week if you live here in the UK with me, otherwise, just have a great time.

Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Two Cards

The first card is for Galina, who welcomed her new baby son into her beautiful family on 25th July. The picture quality isn't very good as I had to use my mobile phone. I seriously think the camera batteries have given up on me. I bought the stamp especially!
This card is for my sister Tracy & hubby, Martin to say welcome to your new home.
I just had to use my favourite October Afternoon paper for this with my Catslife Press definition stamp; Home. Also a Maya Road chipboard house.