Monday, 23 August 2010

It's been quite a while..

since my last blog post & to be honest I hadn't realised! Is it me or does time seem to be flying by? Work is extremely busy, added to the fact people are taking holidays & we are all covering each other's client's. I have little or no energy when I get home. I have been creating more of my minibook of books, but that is not ready to share yet. I have a tag outstanding (which is very late) but it just isn't coming together as well as I planned it in my head.
I am also making a lot of cards here & there as the girls at work requested I put some in the office. Below is a photo of a small selection. So far I have 20, completed ones & 4 in varying stages of completion. It is quite hard making for people who will buy to give to friends & relatives. Their tastes are not necessarily mine & many of my beloved distress backgrounds are not suitable. I have also duplicated some of the cards you might have seen on this blog in the last year as they proved popular. I have changed the images & colours slightly as I don't like to make any two the same.

You might have spotted the card in the bottom left corner. This has proved to be the most loved from the last year. I have recreated it several times & to make it slightly different I have added different strips of paper. I also decorate the inside of each of my cards, so that does take a litle extra time. Most of the time i use a piece of the paper carried over to the inside with a decorative edge. Other times I stamp images or corner bits.

Also it is time to show two more pages of my desk calendar. I love to see it all day while working, it adds a bit of glamour to an otherwise boring desk. Let's face it there is nothing exciting about Insurance Policy booklets!! Although I do have a bendy padded flower, that smiles all day!

That is all for now. I must do some blog hopping soon, I try to do a bit each evening but my internet is slow & Im waiting on delivery of a new router. Take care , have a great BH weekend next week if you live here in the UK with me, otherwise, just have a great time.


lisa said...

Hi Paula
I agree with you about time flying by. I can't believe where this year has gone!!!!
Your cards are really beautiful. I love the girl in the hat!! I know what you mean though about other peoples tastes. I've been selling a few cards too but it's really hard to just make generic cards isn't it. I too like distressing and messing but that is strictly off limits!!
Don't work too hard!
Hugs Lisax

joanne wardle said...

great cards, the top left is my favourite, looking forward to hearing how well they have sold

Paper Paradise said...

Great to see you back, with some gorgeous creations as always

Pearl said...

I love it that you've been repeating the popular card designs but tweaking the colors or image etc way to go grrl !!!

Thinking of you !!!

Carol Q said...

absolutely gorgeous cards Paula. I particularly love the card on the bottom right with the little bit of lace peeking through the tear.

Ella Swan said...

Hey Paula, just popping in to say thanks for the visit. Like you, my internet is slow & I don't have time for more than a few visits each evening, so just read your recent posts a bit more fully. Your cards are lovely & it's great that you can earn a bit of money selling them, although all the stuff we use on them is certainly not cheap! I keep thinking I should do the same with my offcuts but there is always another layout calling my name ;-D

penny4thoughts said...

Hi Paula - your cards and calendar are very pretty - so nice to share your talents and to have beautiful things around at work to brighten your day. I'd be slipping in distress backgrounds wherever I could lol! Yours are beautiful.