Thursday, 30 November 2006

Tonight I have actually done something..

Yesterday was a disaster. I was so tired I did nothing. That is terrible for me. I have so much to make & do before Christmas & I just slept on the sofa!!!!
Well, I've made a start & got these cute little decorations made from shrink plastic.
They are a snowflake stamp & two Xmas baubles stamps. I was thinking of making a card to put them on, but would like to put jump rings on them & hang them from my computer monitor at work!!!

I always feel guilty if I don't get something made, but my energy levels are just so low.
Tomorrow will be the Daring Cardmakers' next dare & I hope it is one I can relate to easy.
I'm really enjoying the challenge set & so far they have been totally unique each week. So, if you haven't checked them out, DO!!!!!

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Here's a good one!!!

Now that I know I'm a green breakfast cereal, I thought I should discover more of myself!!!!
Take this test girlies & let me know who you are?!!!

Your Celebrity Baby Name Is...

Cosima Indiana

Wednesday, 29 November 2006

Last Autumn

In our local Park, are two of my favourite trees. this is tree number one, (the furthest showing red leaves) The other is called My Avenue, which I will blog later this week.
It was quite frosty when this was taken on 19th November 2005. I can't believe it is over a year ago!!

I used to walk to college every week (did 3 year's computer courses over 4 years ago now) & I always wished I had a decent camera to capture these trees in all the seasons. It is times like this I wish I could paint. I fully intend to scrap these pictures, no doubt in a mini book of the 4 seasons. I reckon a Star book that can be displayed on my shelves. I do love Autumn & this year it has come & gone so fast.....

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Thanks Rhi!!

Don't you wish you hadn't done a quiz sometimes!!!!
Found this on Rhi's blog & thought I'd have a neb!. This is what you get for being nosey.....

Paula --


A brand of soylent green breakfast cereal

'How will you be defined in the dictionary?' at

Tuesday, 28 November 2006

DCM Little Extra......Star...

This is my entry for this week's Daring Cardmaker's Little Extra.
The design brief was simply the word "STAR".
This is my interpretation, carrying on the weekend's theme of doodling as I got right into it!!!
I shocked myself by writing the words myself using a purple Sakura gelly Roll pen. I used a white Sakura gelly roll to go around the main letters of the words to give them the look of fallen snow. The outside doodle is done in purple gelly roll & a silver Pilot Contrast Marker.
the star is blue & over painted with Essentials Iridescent glitter Acrylic paint in gleaming Canary, bought from The works in strips. I glued tiny silver stars in opposite corners to represent the night sky.
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O' Christmas Tree..

I made a little tree like this in my Christmas in A Box decoration & loved it so much, I thought I do it slightly larger & put it on a card. I just love these metallic & xmas brads. they add real sparkle to the tree.

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Library Sleeve

I made this on Sunday. It is a kind of library sleeve which will house three wraped DVD's for my sister for her Xmas pressie. I wanted to make a gift bag but as my printer doesn't print on A3, I had to adapt an A4 design to fit a bit bigger. Still it does actually fit with what I wanted. It is dark purple Papermania card covered with silver foil type paper & punched snowflakes. I didn't want it overly Christmassy as she will be using it afterwards to keep bills or something in, stuck on a cupboard shelf.
Well my check up went well at the dentist, my teeth are all great, big thanks to the boss in the sky. I had a clean & polish, the tea I love to drink so much stains my front tooth so badly she said had trouble doing it & it was quite sensitive. It cost me £43!!!!! There goes my pay! Posted by Picasa

Monday, 27 November 2006

The Decoration

Christmas Box, made from a Laughing Cow cheese portion box (same as baby circle mini on October post) Whole box painted with red DecoArt acrylic & covered in Anita's 3D gloss.


These are circles of patterned paper from the leftovers of a Pebble Incs. Holiday ScrapbooKit. (Do you recognise it, Rachel (Taniwha). She used this kit in Scrapbook Inspirations, Ready Steady Scrap Challenge & kindly sent me the leftovers along with the CherryArte on My Blog layout...
Each circle has been decorated with xmas images & funky foam Xmas shapes. I have used Pink & Purple, Anita's 3D glossy dimensional paint. I have painted pink blossoms (from the picture of the pots in an earlier post) red & put them together with brads & covered them in Anita's 3D clear gloss. The Xmas tree image has had metallic & Xmas coloured brads put on it to act as baubles. I thoroughly enjoyed making this & feel very festive now that I have.
I will get it out each year & then fold it away until the next. Thing is I have two sides to the fireplace so I might have to make a second!!!!!

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One of Three Xmas Projects

This is a card I made yesterday while waiting for my Christmas Decoration to dry. I'm hoping to get it finished & photos later on. The light isn't very good & doesn't show this card at its best.
I made it using snowflake background paper & then used some snowflake shapes which I bought from the lovely Debbie from daring cardmakers. She sells bits & pieces on Ebay, you should go over to her blog & take a look at the link she has there.You'll find her in my side bar or on the cardmakers blog.

The fun part of this card was the painting & glittering.
I bought white & pink snowflakes, but decided I wanted pale blue. So, out came the light blue & white acrylic paints (I used DecoArt sky blue for this mixed with some Anita's white to get the shade I wanted.) While the paint was wet I sprinkled very fine silver glitter on them & then painted a strip of white card in the same way.
Once dry, which doesn't take long, I glued the snowflakes along the piece of blue card which was attached to the card using foam pads to lift it off the background a little.
I love getting my fingers dirty painting bits & pieces so this is a fun card which you mum's could do with your kids.
I did also manage to get a gift bag done, again photos later on light permitting. (It is very dingy here today) It isn't actually a bag, I decided to go for more of a sleeve. You often buy books in sets & you get 5 or more all housed in a sort of libary, I think they call them. Well I have made something on those lines to slip wrapped DVD's into. I will be making mini bags for gift vouchers later.
Its a trip to the dentist today for a check up & clean so the credit card will be taking a bashing, the prices they charge are plain ridiculous......Not a fun way to spend a day off but our company frown on appointments made in work time!!

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Sunday, 26 November 2006

Sunday Morning

I woke to a better day!
No more damage done in the night, at least not this end of the street.
I'm glad I stayed home just to be sure. I was so jumpy, I got precious little done, but I have got the backbone made of my crimble decoration. I have chosen my images & all that is left is to decorate it. The easy part!!!!
Below is a photo I took at my dad's several months ago. Although it was summer, I think this looks a very autumnal picture.
I added a soft focus to make it look more delicate. Something pretty to brighten my blog post

This morning I am going crimble shopping. Need to go to Boots & get a few bits for Martin, bro in law. I think I also need wrapping paper.... Going to get wrapped the few things I have already bought just to make me feel
I'm going to have a bash at making gift bags...ha ha ha watch this be a bad idea.....

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Saturday, 25 November 2006

Don't know if you can swear

on blogs but if not.........
What the F*** is wrong with this society we live in!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
This morning I was woken at 6a.m by loud bangs & a crash. I thought my landlord had come in early to print, they often do.
Got out of bed couldn't see or hear anything. Waited until 7.30a.m when it was getting light & someone appears to have gone on a rampage with bricks & put all the windows in of the print shop next door!!!!!!!
They also attacked the tool shop, & the corner shop. My landlord's print shop is untouched, but then when the alarms go off here I have to be peeled off my bedroom ceiling!!! N.A.S.A ain't got nowt on my landlord.....
I contacted the police straight away & they haven't deemed fit to show. The owners haven't turned up this morning & normally they are here at 8am. People had been walking by for over an hour & not one had reported it.......
The windows are in a terrible state & the stock is not secure. I have no means of boarding it up. I am sat tight hoping someone will show soon.
I AM NOT going to my Dad's as planned as I just can't face coming home to a broken window. It got put in two years ago & it was traumatic then. My window is quite big & high off the ground, it features as a picture in an earlier post in October. I was looking forward to seeing my dad's Australia pictures but I just daren't leave my belongings. My burglar alarm goes off when it fancys & I have been in trouble over it a few times but what good would it do anyhow. You can't replace 9 years worth of things I have had to work bloody hard for...... Not a chance I want to take.
Oh well, perhaps I might get some crafting done but I can't settle until I know the shop is sorted out.....

The owner have now turned up, he was unaware of the crime when he drove up. Still no police presence, & it seems the Photographer across the street have also been hit.... They have got the glaziers here so everyone is diving over for help...
No one can understand why they haven't touched my landlords. Below me he has 3 large windows & a door, all glass not one smashed...

Friday, 24 November 2006

Two Entries for Dare 6

Two completely different cards.
Card one is Scribble Flowers. I have doodled in two corners of the card & then made scribble flowers using gold gel pen onto card. I cut them out then drew in the silvery stems & bow

Card two, is Jumping Snowman. I amazed myself by drawing this guy after seeing him in an advert. I added hair & a bit of stubble. A red nose & wobbly eyes. He holds a hand doodled message. He is 3D but as usual it isn't that clear on here. I also did silvery doodles all around the edge of the snowmen paper. I drew him once & the second time it was perfect. Am going to attempt a Santa next....

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Layout for my BOM

Last night I wanted to make something just for me...
So using some gorgeous papers kindly donated from someone who said "she is sick of the sight of them", I created this...MY Blog... has anyone else scrapped their blog or am I going to set a trend?? Share with me if you have...

The papers are delicious (I have dribbled over them for ages) CherryArte, Seasons & Rachel I hope you can look one last time as I'm quite proud of my bravery at cutting a sheet up to get selected flowers!!! (I cheated & used one already started!!) I used a white gelly roll pen to doodle around the flowers. Don't worry ladies from the Daring Cardmakers...I won't be submitting this for dare 6, I can't pass this off as a card!!! lol.. Looks like a good dare, so play along if you have some time.

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What's Yours?

Your Christmas Song Is

Silver Bells
City sidewalks, busy sidewalks
Dressed in holiday style
In the air
There's a feeling of Christmas
You like to take in all the sites of Christmas
From city lights to eleborate window displays

This is true, I love shop displays when all the lights are on at nights. The Wedding Shop across from our office has a lovely display. It has the prettiest dress in a strange shade. I say strange as none of us can make up our mind what colour it is!! Each of us sees it different, odd that isn't it? I think it is a very pale blue with a hint of mint. Someone else thinks it is just blue, another thinks it is green but my friend Louise sees it as my shade we have decided it is palest aquamarine.... Colour, to me, is an amazing thing......

Thursday, 23 November 2006

another one for the Nov techniques...

This one was made several days ago but my camera batteries were flat!!!
Its Vellum & Peel offs using peralescent paper.
With all these challenges & special requests my techniques are getting well hidden & I am slipping behind!!!!

Special thanks to Rachel for the box of goodies, I know what I am going to use those xmas papers for. For a clue you will have to go back to October to a mini I made using a cheese portion box only this will be crimbly..
Enter the craft addicts prayer;
Please God, let me find the time!!!!!
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Have you ever designed a card & then...

a year later find a similar technique in a magazine!!!!
I designed the card below in both pink & purple colourways using pretty foreign postage stamps for my background paper....

I am a lover of tags & vellum on cards & pressed real flowers. This was really easy to make.
This month in two of the card magazines, they show how to use stamps or faux stamps on your cards...
I only get one card magazine a month, Papercraft Inspirations, on subscription.
However, being the festive season I look at the others for free papers or unusual ideas to get my creative juices flowing. I have to admit that when it comes to Xmas designs I have no talent for them. I can only think of the obvious which is why I often resort to decoupage...
The two mags I picked up this month both had some nice xmas papers to use on cards some of which I will never use as I find them too bold but in small bits they might work.
Papercraft Essentials is one mag I do like & they offer some nice bead projects for those "beady Ladies" amongst us!! (I can't string beads together decoratively to save my life!!)
They also have a nice article on using Perfect Pearls & some shows us gift bags but if you want to see a stunning gift bag go over to Kathy's blog for her bagalicious!!!! (Me yearns for that bag, precioussssssss) There is an article on using moulds which I found of interest as I have some Makins clay. Another trick I haven't tried yet is stamping & watercolouring the design, Gina Martin shows us how. Their is a bit about buttons & I love buttons. Natalie O'Shea uses self covered buttons & I actually bought some of those last weekend to use with some xmas fabric... Their is also a sketch & ideas from Kirsty wiseman which looks really good too.
Simply Cards & Papercrafts, has the Cardmaker of the Year finalists in & I know many of you already have this so not much point me going into this one in too great a detail. However, I selected this one for the unusual card ideas for xmas by Michelle Powell. Their is an article about the very expensive but everyone wants ..Cricut!!!!!!! Quite a nice mag & I think the Invites for Special Occasions, might well be adaptable for something else...
Pne of these mags & I can't remember which gave away a free sample Cd of Crafter's Companion. I have looked at these to buy & it was great to get a free sample to play with. I used one of the papers for my SPARKLE card.

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Wednesday, 22 November 2006

More Temptation..

Oh ladies, I have dashed home for lunch & the latest issue of Papercraft Inspirations has landed on my doorstep!!!! (Xmas 2006)
I have subscriptions for this & Scrapbook Inspirations.
My big sis pays for Papercraft Ins as a birthday subs gift & is getting me Creative Scrapbooking for Xmas, as last year we got Scrapbook Magic & they stopped printing it!!!!!!!!
I pay for Scrapbook Inspirations as a gift to myself & each month I look at all the rest & if I like anything I pick it up...
This issue of Papercraft looks good it features quite a few designs from our very own Jo Kill from Daring Cardmakers...she has a unique style that I can spot straight away. But Im saving it to look at properly with a big mug of tea later!!!

As it will soon be Xmas...

Here's another fun quiz for you....
Which one are you then, go on give it a go!!!

You Are Dancer

Carefree and fun, you always find reasons to do a happy dance.
Why You're Naughty: That dark stint you had as Santa's private dancer.
Why You're Nice: You're friendly. Very friendly.
Round up of the Scrap mags...
Creative Scrapbooking & Scrapbook Inspirations both have some fab Xmas projects to get you into that festive mood & there are really good articles.
Creative Scrapbooking
Jakey explains Balancing your Page Design to the best effect.
Karen (aka Dolly), tells us all about using transparencies.
Anita Mundt gives us a look at the special features of her home & makes a fab mini book in a tin to house more...
Some new products by a lady in Australia called Rebekka Erickson are showcased by some top designers.
Scrapbook Inspirations
Fab free papers by doodlebug (I'd already bought some of these!)
Great ideas by Jane Dean with a real festive feel, a LO & Christmas book.
The fab Anita Mundt shows us how to make a double accordion book.
Anna Louise Bowkis brings us a gorgeous home LO & Shirley Toogood uses fabric to make her pages scream touch appeal...
Coming tomorrow, I will try & give you some idea of the card mags I've bought & have on subscription...
Happy Crafting to You All!!!!!

Tuesday, 21 November 2006

Just a quick attempt..

at this week's DCM mid week dare...
The dare is simply a word. "SPARKLE"
With this word we are free to interpret as we wish.
This is just a quicky as I aren't too sure I have much time for anything else until later in the week, & I do like to take part. I can think of someone who will really love this card as it features something close to her heart..hmm wonder what that is??? I've been asked to make a card & it has to be kept under wraps as it is for someone for Xmas, but that certain someone reads my blog. Can't say more than that but it is special & it isn't a Christmas card.

This is made of some pearlised purple card. The background paper is from a CD.
The botle & glass were cut from baby pink card & some more paper stuck on to look like the contents. I have written the words Sparkle, Fizz & Pop on the background. Using my hole punch (just an ordinary stationers punch) I punch some silver pieces & also stuck on some star gems.
I didn't want to overload the design any further for fear of overkill!!!!!!!!!

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Just for fun!!

You Belong in New Zealand

Good on ya, mate
You're the best looking one of the bunch
Though you're often forgotten...
You're quite proud of who you are

See I knew I should be somewhere warmer!!!!!!!!!
Went onto blogthings just for something fun to add & came upon this one, it must be new....

Monday, 20 November 2006

My Christmas Quartet

Here are a few cards I've made. One I did yesterday, but the camera was flat, the other three I did tonight. The pictures aren't too good as these are some xmas decoupage I bought last year & just added some torn red paper to the bottom of each card. It took longer to cut out the designs than it did to make them up!!!!! Also as it's night time they have a flash glare on them, but they are lovely & festive & I'm so glad I bought them even though they got shoved away for a year!!!

It's just a shame the 3D doesn't stand out all that well.

The rest of the day has been spent making pages for my sister's Christmas present, her Wedding Album. I wish I could share some, but it will have to wait until New Year when she has seen them as I don't want to spoil the surprise. It is coming on quite well & I have 5 pages completed of the 10....
I discovered today that my fav online shop & doodlebug stockist, One Purple Cow,is closed until further notice or may not be re-opening due to family matters. I sincerely hope it isn't anything too serious Rochelle is a really funny woman & I have had many pleasant emails from her during the course of my purchasing.

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Cactus in flower

This is my Christmas Cactus just coming into bloom.
It will only live happily on the edge of my dressing table in my bedroom. (well its a desk actually from Argos but does the same job!)

Go to this blog if you get chance today & read the post called "Trip down Memory Lane".
Read the comments & leave your own.
I got thinking about this, "What inspired me to take up Scrapbooking?"
Well as you know I am a cardmaker & I extended my cards to mini books. I bought a few mags to get ideas & two womens work inspired me. Karen Leahy & Jakey Walker.
Both ladies have completely different styles but elements from both were very me. Seeing their work made me want to get started ,but I couldn't think of a thing to scrap!
Then, Paula Sealey set the weekly top 5 challenges & I was hooked. I've now got myself a full BOM & still have many more pages to create so it's a good job I got me another album!!!
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Sunday, 19 November 2006

Layout of Lost Keys

I wanted to keep this layout quite simple. Papermania navy cardstock. Denas closet double sided paper.
Journalling computer generated onto watercolour paper using fonts Mom's typewriter & Verdana.
Flowers from my new pots. Pastel dotty brad. Home made topper consists of small square of corrugated card, pinwheel fastened with gold brad, natural button,key charm & garden fibres. Queen & Co. brown checked sticky ribbon padlock charm.
Charms purchased from Papermaze. Ribbon from Jilly Beans. Paper from Kalulu.
Tag from Scunthorpe Police station!!!!!
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Traditions of Christmas, Past.

Several years ago now, my sister & her then husband, Nigel, used to have me over for the main days of Xmas.
I would go late afternoon on Xmas Eve, & come home the morning after Boxing Day.
We had set traditions, which were our "Recipe of Christmas".
Sadly, we thought these would go on forever & very few photos were ever taken. Now, I want to record them forever & kick myself that we didn't get pictures. I will just have to make a mini Xmas book & record the memories for posterity.
Christmas Eve, Nigel would always cook us a good meal & it was usually roast beef, or roast lamb.
The last year together, he cooked us Monkfish wrapped in Parma ham.
That was a bad year, but he threw himself into the festivities with his usual gusto...He was having chemotherapy for Acute Myeloid Leukaemia.He drank us under the table twice!!! Shortly after Xmas he ended up with Pneumonia & was critically ill.
We often wrapped presents in front of a blazing fire with mulled wine to drink while he nipped to the local village pub for a quick drink.
Xmas morning, he would knock on the bedroom door & leave a mug of tea outside at 8a.m. We would get up in pyjamas & eat some toast & drink coffee. Then we would draw out of a hat (mug!) the number of presents we were allowed to open before lunch. Nigel used to put really high numbers in & we would take them out & replace with lots of 3's!!!! He was dreadful, just like a child trying to dig us out of bed before 7a.m to open presents..
We would open champagne at 10a.m & make bucks fizz & select the gifts for each other. We usually picked the clothing ones for each other so we had something to wear for lunch!!!!!!
We then used to send him to the pub for a free pint of Guinness & a whiskey chaser, while we prepared the veg. He always cooked the meal.
With lunch we opened more champagne & continued drinking it the rest of the day!!!!!!
After lunch, was present time. We wanted the day to last as long as possible & the anticipation of the presents was terrible to bear sometimes!!!! The opening of presents usually lasted until teatime when we used to just have the Xmas pud we couldn't quite manage at lunch!!!!! Then it was champagne all the way to bedtime.
That last Christmas we vowed that when Nigel was better, we would book Christmas away & take our traditions to the Lake District.
Sadly, in the August 2004 Nigel died.......
For me, so did Christmas & a very large piece of my life......
As I'm typing this I am beginning to cry, but finally they are happy tears of memories precious...
Tracy remarried recently to a lovely man, Martin. Christmas will change, the traditions will now be replaced, but I will always remember .........

I must get some more cards made & watch a few more Xmas movies.

Saturday, 18 November 2006

Got me some stash!!!

Today, I took Rhi's advise & went stash shopping to calm my frayed nerves...
I didn't get a great deal as there is no one round here that sells good papers such as Doodlebug & those rather lovely Cherry Arte, which I haven't had the pleasure of owning yet!!!!!
I can get my hands on Sara papers & Papermania, but if I want something natty such as K&Co, or anything else then it has to be internet shopping & I do so love One Purple Cow.......
Kathy mentioned the papers used on the men's card with pink ribbon. I adore those Cosmopolitan papers, but really wanted the pink colourway...could not be found for love nor money or I might have been a devil & used then as well as the ribbon.......

These flowers are called Just Pots Funky Flowers. They each contain 65 flowers in 3 sizes, & cost me £2.99 per pot. I adore the little tiny screw lidded pots & can think of a few uses for them once empty...fill them with more flowers from my Big Shot (once santa brings it.. hint hint santa..)
I got some self covered buttons as they are always a useful addition to a craft some fab Xmas fabric remnants last year I haven't used yet.
The eyelets are a mix of white & silver snowflakes & white snowmen, they were £1.76. I got the silver bauble stickers, 89p, for some quick cards & the Do Craft Scrapbook mag £1.
I recently got some new brads in metallic colours & Christmas colours. I collect them like a magpie....
Tonight I made a Decoupage Xmas card which I can't take a photo of yet as my camera batteries went flat just as I was taking some photos of my door keys.
Door keys, I hear you ask??????? Yes, for my BOM, I want to scrap a page about my awful day when I lost the keys to my castle.... It is almost completed so those camera batteries better hurry up & "cook"!!

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Friday, 17 November 2006

And This One's for Kathy!!!!!

DCM dare 5, take two!!!!!!
Here you are Kathy,
my 2nd version of Ribbon for Men dare, but with the special, Kathy imposed, condition of PINK ribbon.....heeheeheee
(I have a brother in law, not a brother but hey, I'm not to a word or two!!!)
I've seen rather a few men, young & old sporting pink t-shirts & I think they are fabbydo!!!!!
Bring them on boys we love to see a bit of pink!

I said I was gonna make me some cards tonight with whatever they threw at me in the dares department!!!! And, I'm taking Rhi's advise & doing some stash shopping to calm my nerves & celebrate my pay rise... so papers here I come!!!!!!!!!!!
Thank You again Ladies for keeping them coming, this was nice & gentle.....

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Ribbon for Men DCM no.5

Can you believe it we are on to dare 5 already!!!! (7 if you count the little extras!)
Here is my offering. The design brief was to make any occasion card for a man & it had to have a piece of ribbon on it. Mine was sketched two days ago, it is a card for a friends' fiance. I almost forgot his birthday.
This card is made using brown parcel wrapping, a photocopied map of an area I love in the Lake District, Potter Tarn, Troutbeck, Ambleside (not the other Troutbeck higher up). The tags are from a card kit & I think it was Sarah Lugg. They are threaded onto deep chocolate brown ribbon down the side of the card.
Thought for a while there I would have to make a card for my imaginary boyfriend, though it will be Spencer Bear's birthday in a few weeks!!!!

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It's a New Dawn, it's a New Day!

and I'm feeling good.......
Woke up with this song in my head...
Well anything that happens today has just got to be an improvement on yesterday & perhaps I will now actually get pleased I did manage a pay rise yesterday... 5% not a lot but 5% better than before!!!!!
If you are not up to speed, yesterday, I lost my door keys & spent the day a snivelling wreck.. read below for the sorry details.....
Tonight I am gonna make me some cards using whatever dare the Daring cardmakers give me...
So, ladies, if you are reading this.... be kind to me this week & please don't make it too difficult I'm still on the edge for lack of anything remotely alcoholic to drink last night to calm my fraught nerves... I've drained the Baileys now!!!! always good to have in, it makes a mug of coffee really tasty.....
Needless to say, my keys are going to be checked twice when I lock up in 20 minutes!!!!!!!
Ain't never going through that again any time soon........

Thursday, 16 November 2006

Day from Hell!!!

Boy, have I had a terrible day!!!
This morning, I left for work, late!!!
Got to the office at 7.49a.m & went about the usual business of emptying the bins & putting the hoover round before we open.
No internet connection all day meant I was going through the boat files, archiving any lapsed policys.. real exciting stuff you know!!!! Then the boss called me to discuss my pay review.
The meeting over ran by 20 minutes & I had to dash for lunch..... No door keys!!!
After over two hours of frantic searching, running around & phone calls. I was in tears.
I don't live in a very good area of the town & you'll know what I mean if I say, the electric board can't get in to read my meter & ask me to leave a key with my neighbours....the reply to that is I may as well remove the front door!!!!!!!!
I had visions that I had left them in the door in my rush to get out.
Working in Insurance we called the company that deals with my household contents policy & we could get it pushed through relatively quickly. Lucky for me my policy does cover locks even though the flat is rented. But, it would take two hours for a locksmith & cost me a £60 excess... fair dos I wanted to be in my lovely home & it be safe from whoever had my keys...
They said I would have to go to the police station to report the loss & get a log number before I could claim. We have two stations in Scunthorpe, town. One is round the corner from my flat, so I had been to that one & was told that if anything was taken there, they would be told to take it to the main station in town centre, just a block from the office..... My dad has my spare but he is still currently in Australia, my sister lives in Newcastle!!!
The printers next door to my flat had not seen the keys nor had my landlord as I phoned him from work & he went outside to look, my door was locked..... No one had handed them in at the corner shop or the tool shop, next door to my landlord's print shop, so I was beginning to get distraught. I even considered asking over at the garage, but it being down a snicket, I thought it unlikely anyone would have taken my keys all the way across the road. I hadn't eaten & felt sick & still have a terrible headache...
I went to the second station for my log number & my keys were handed in just 10 minutes earlier by one of the policemen. Someone found them on her way to work, right outside the office. She handed them to a policeman & he literally walked in just before me. So had I gone to that station first, I would have had no luck & had to pay out on the insurance & lose my noclaimss bonus.... I have never lost my keys in all my life & I NEVER WILL AGAIN....
Now, please pass me a stiff drink......oh seems coffee is as strong as I've got....
Bath, food & warm bed is my destination, but I want to watch "I'm a Celebrity" first, as I'm hooked..... No creations tonight I fear.... I have never been so pleased to see my home....

Today is going to draaaaaaaaag!!!!

Quote for the day, (saw this & creased up laughing)
Middle age is when a narrow waist & a broad mind begin to change places!!!
Ouch, that hurts my preciousssssss, as Crimble is coming & me love Chrissy fayre...
Yesterday we had no internet connection at work & by 2.15p.m, it was obvious we weren't going to get it.So, one of the bosses allowed us two in Marine to go home & work as we both have broadband & can access our website to do vital work. Insurance cover can not be back dated, so, it is vital it's done on the day.
It felt really naughty going home, but I got the work done, had some of my famous mugatee (that's "Paula Pixie" talk for mug of tea..I told you I speak my own ) & then at 3.30p.m (my usual home time) I went to the local school, where I used to work part time to see my old work mates, catch up on the gossip, pay my lottery & sort out our Xmas meal...
Well today is going to draaaaag as my title says because our server is broken & awaiting parts!!!!
So, I can't even have a 10 min cappuccino break & poke around your blogs!!!!! Oh well, I can still have the cappuccino... what was that about broad waists???????

Wednesday, 15 November 2006

DCM Card recipe..

Last night, minutes after I posted my Xmas snowflake card, the new mid week dare was posted.
They set us a recipe, the card must contain, 1 tag, 2 different ribbons/fibres & 3 different papers.
I asked if my brand new design could be included as it had tags, 3 papers & the 3 fibres below.

However, it almost felt like cheating to me, having the card made so quick.
So, tonight, I created the card below. It is designed around a Christmas room.Wallpaper above & below a ribbon dado rail. A Festive picture hangs on the wall & a tag covered in more Xmassy paper conveys the chrsitmas message with two more ribbons attached... The papers are all doodlebug, one of my favourite manufacturers...

This is RECIPE CARD TAKE 2!!!!!!!!

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