Thursday, November 23, 2006

another one for the Nov techniques...

This one was made several days ago but my camera batteries were flat!!!
Its Vellum & Peel offs using peralescent paper.
With all these challenges & special requests my techniques are getting well hidden & I am slipping behind!!!!

Special thanks to Rachel for the box of goodies, I know what I am going to use those xmas papers for. For a clue you will have to go back to October to a mini I made using a cheese portion box only this will be crimbly..
Enter the craft addicts prayer;
Please God, let me find the time!!!!!
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Gillian Hamilton said...

Hi Paula,
I love the soft colours on this card for christmas... beautiful..
I really love that mini you made out of the cheese box, so I can't wait to see what you make..
TTFN Gillian

Anonymous said...

This little card is just too sweet! Gorgeous.