Saturday, November 04, 2006


Today has been a weird & mixed up day really.
first thing this morning all appeared well on my blog. Then I tried to upload the picture of the card Henry & blogger said Sorry it has a problem & can't do anything right now.
Then I discovered my counter has vanished. All the people who visited my blog from the different country's has gone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Then I do the rounds of the blogs & find that Anita has closed down her blog. I don't know why but I love her work & will really miss her blog. I hope whatever happened gets sorted & she does come back.
The only good & positive things to come out of today was;
1)I went to get myself a new printer today as mine went tits up on me last week. It pulled all my photos sideways halfway through & tore them!!!!!! I have an Epson C40 plus which I use for photos & a LExmark X1180 for general printing as it is my scanner & copier. It prints crap photos. So although I had my heart set on a certain Epson, they aren't environmentally friendly because you can't recycle the cartridges. (I send mine to RSPB) So today in Argos, I got a half price offer on a Canon Pixma IP6210D. It said photo printer on it so I knew it would be okay & the quality is fantastic.
2) I called my dear friend, Joy for an few hours chat. We email all the time except recently her mail has taken two days to get to me. It just isn't the same as a chin wag.......
I'm naughty & been to the chip shop for my tea & I'm going to veg out on the sofa drinking tea & watch Casualty.....It isn't quite the same as the other week while I was on holiday drinking champagne & eating thorntons chocs but hey ho...not to worry.

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Kathy said...

Hey Paula - I had one of those counters too - but it turned out to be only a set number of days trial period - I wasn't chuffed when it disappeared. So I have a subtle little site meter counter at the bottom of the page - click on it and there's all sorts of info that I actually don't have a clue about....but that's nothing new