Friday, November 03, 2006

2nd Technique for Nov...or Plan B!!!

Plan B, because I have had another go with the Triple Embossing & it isn't quite ready to be put together. I cut it too small & need to make a window to go round it!!!
Well this is card 2(a) it is chalking over peel off's....

I had these peel off's from Lakeland limited & thought they were quite sweet & not "too" in your face... I haven't done any chalking for a while either so thought I'd have a go.
Not the card I planned for today but a cunning "up my sleeve" plan B!! All girls should have a plan!
Sadly the light wasn't great as I didn't want too much reflection from the gold outlines so the pale blue ribbon doesn't stand out well. But, I was lost for something else to just finish the design off. I'd intended a pressed flower but it would have looked too much once the peel off was in place. I have left the front blank & the inside message is just Best Wishes......
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