Monday, November 06, 2006

Feeling Blue...

Yes, I don't quite know why, but today I feel really down. EDIT: Even more down now as blogger refuses to let me put the pictures on this post!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Pictures to follow, sometime today!!!!
I'm on holiday today & I have a small "Motivation Lack" going on here.
I've had such a lot of excitement recently with all the castle & wedding adventures that I think I'm just hitting earth with a thud.
The sun is shining outside & it is quite warm, I've been out shopping. Got me a pack of Xmas coloured brads to cheer me up & some beautiful charms off eBay from a link on Jo's web. (Jo can be found in the side bar of Daring Cardmakers).
I made a few cosmetic changes & additions to my blog last night & am posting some colourful pictures I took in Summer just to make me smile.
I'm going to have an early lunch & have a 3rd go at this here triple embossed card. I got the leaf embossed & it looks nice now I need to make the card topper with it.
I've had a pleasant half hour emailing my sister to find out which photographs she wants me to print for her frames. I've done some editing of a few of them & she is really pleased with the results. One my Dad had taken was just a tad blurred so I have added a soft blur to it & it looks stunning as long as we don't go bigger than 7x5. Well, I printed it slightly larger at 8x6 & it still looks fine. It is part of my wedding present to the couple & their joint xmas present will be the Album.
There, I have pin-pointed why I am down..... xmas!!!! I just don't know why but it upsets me to see it all. I'm normally the typical "Kid in a Sweetshop". Perhaps at the weekend I need to watch loads of Xmas DVD's, drink & eat festive food & get my family cards made. I might then stop feeling like The!


Carole Janson said...

Paula, you are now in holiday mode, I hope you so enjoy yourself, you are going to have a lot of fun doing that album, and if you get a little down, get that scrapping happening, or cardmaking whatever makes you feel better. I am sending well wishes your way.

BTW I received your love comment via email, but blogger wouldn't let me put it up, so I have take moderation off, so hopefully that will solve my problems.

Anyway, Paula, I hope you have a lovely holiday, and I hope you have some fun, best wishes.

Anonymous said...

Paula, cheer up hun! Otherwise you'll have me as your partner in crime to feel sorry for yourself and we can't have that. Get crafting, that'll help, I sure!

Take care, Tx

Anonymous said...

Sorry I missed you feeling blue girly - had a bit on my mind of late! but i'm here full of hugs now - better late than ever eh?

jk x x x

Anonymous said...

I think those are the pre-xmas blues ... sending you happy thoughts to get rid of them ... :) I love your summer photos ... and keep yourself crafting ... that always cheers me up!