Thursday, November 16, 2006

Today is going to draaaaaaaaag!!!!

Quote for the day, (saw this & creased up laughing)
Middle age is when a narrow waist & a broad mind begin to change places!!!
Ouch, that hurts my preciousssssss, as Crimble is coming & me love Chrissy fayre...
Yesterday we had no internet connection at work & by 2.15p.m, it was obvious we weren't going to get it.So, one of the bosses allowed us two in Marine to go home & work as we both have broadband & can access our website to do vital work. Insurance cover can not be back dated, so, it is vital it's done on the day.
It felt really naughty going home, but I got the work done, had some of my famous mugatee (that's "Paula Pixie" talk for mug of tea..I told you I speak my own ) & then at 3.30p.m (my usual home time) I went to the local school, where I used to work part time to see my old work mates, catch up on the gossip, pay my lottery & sort out our Xmas meal...
Well today is going to draaaaag as my title says because our server is broken & awaiting parts!!!!
So, I can't even have a 10 min cappuccino break & poke around your blogs!!!!! Oh well, I can still have the cappuccino... what was that about broad waists???????

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