Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Last Autumn

In our local Park, are two of my favourite trees. this is tree number one, (the furthest showing red leaves) The other is called My Avenue, which I will blog later this week.
It was quite frosty when this was taken on 19th November 2005. I can't believe it is over a year ago!!

I used to walk to college every week (did 3 year's computer courses over 4 years ago now) & I always wished I had a decent camera to capture these trees in all the seasons. It is times like this I wish I could paint. I fully intend to scrap these pictures, no doubt in a mini book of the 4 seasons. I reckon a Star book that can be displayed on my shelves. I do love Autumn & this year it has come & gone so fast.....

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Anonymous said...

What a gorgeous picture .... Autumn is the only think I miss from my years in Canada ... Athen's autumn doesn't have that colour change that I associate with the season ... a star book of the seasons sounds lovely!!!

Scripture by Design said...

Looks soooo lovely! I can imagine walking there even though we don't really have anything like that here where I live!