Saturday, November 11, 2006

Saturday morning & not a great start..

Good Morning bloggers,
Not such a great start. I'm in a "can't be bovvered" mood today so as yet haven't dressed or planned my day!!!!
Judging by the weather, I won't be venturing out too much today so perhaps I might get something made after all. My commissioned card is almost done & then I have the other one to "panic" about!!!! It is a specific card & I'm not doing too well, how I wish I could draw people!!!! or draw at all would be!
Well, first off I have changed my music to a Muse song "Sing for Absolution". They are a really fab Devon band, & I have ALL the albums. They aid crafting...

In my links down the side, you will see a blog called Paris Breakfasts.
You should take time out to visit this place. The lady is called Carol & she lives in New York, USA.
She paints watercolour pictures of Paris but her site is wall to wall CHOCOLATE....
It makes you dribble just looking at the pictures & I love browsing her work.

The card dare, , is a really good one & I am so tempted to make a small card while I wait for my "biggie".
Sabine, over in Denmark, has kindly agreed to translate something for me but...shhh! it's a secret until the great unveiling!!!! Watch this one go oh so pear shaped on me!

Oh, & finally I have joined the Crafty Blogs list & hope to see my number rise as right now, being the newbie, I'm at the bottom of the list..


Kathy said...

Morning Paula,

I'm not getting any crafting done this morning either. I'm in the middle of a little project I think you'll apporve of - if I can work out how to put the thing together.....
Also waiting for a plumber to come and maybe sort out our dodgy boiler. This will be plumber no 3. Plumber no 1 knew what was wrong, went off to order the part and despite several phone calls hasn't come back. No2 - well he never showed up at all, so will no 3 be any better. See - this is my real, exciting life, no wonder I love the DCM so much!

Anonymous said...

Well, for someone that can't be 'bothered' you have been busy! LOL I'll have to come over every time my IPS changes to help you get your numbers up!!!! :D