Friday, November 10, 2006

New Dare is Up

Well yesterday flew by as I had been commissioned to do a card for Tuesday.
I aimed to complete it for this morning to take into work with me as I am not in Monday & the person requesting it is not in Tuesday....
It didn't happen.. Simply because it would have been "thrown" together at the last minute & that is not the look I wanted to achieve!!!!
Besides I would never have got a photo that early in a morning!!!!
So, it gets completed tonight & I will put it through her door tomorrow late morning when I go food shopping.

As the title says, the next dare is up..... Wow what a goodie.. Sadly I can't speak any language (not even & I don't want the usual phrases etc... Need a cunning plan.. Baldrick where are you????
I can see my design clearly just need my words.
Might have to pop over to a lady in Denmark, I know & beg a tiny favour.
(Sadly,I mean popping over to Denmark as in email, not an actual visit..sob loves Denmark/Danish people.)A place I aim to go before I die, can't say 40, it is looming!!!!!!lol!


Debbie said...

Paula - thanks for your comments on my card

Pleae still go ahead with what you were going to do because you won't believe this but that was where i got my inpiration from - I hve those same stickers!!!! LOL

Lynne has already made a card with Tres Chic on as well - so we could have a little bsatch of tres chic cards!!!!! LOL

Take care


Debbie said...

Good grief - sorry about the typos - my hands are freezing! LOL