Sunday, 31 December 2006

Final Wedding Layouts

The Cake
All the Guests
Wishing You All A Happy New Year.
Here's looking forward to more crafting in 2007!!!

More Wedding & a Boxing Day LO

Bridal Party

Boxing Day Clay Shoot

Martin decided that as it was his first Xmas in his own home, he wanted to mark the occasion by organising something completely different.

So he came up with the idea of a Clay Shoot. It was so much fun. Us girls kept the scores stood by the fire & we breaked half way through for food. Hot chilli, thick wholesome soup & jacket potatoes. Real bonfire night fodder. Followed by Martin's mum, Joyce's sherry trifle, yum!!!!!

The men had 50 clays each & believe me, it isn't as easy as it looks to hit them!!!

Martin won with a score of 23, Tony (his BIL) came 2nd with 22, our Dad & Martin's Dad came in joint 3rd with 10 & Kev got 9. But they had such great fun... It was completely different & I really enjoyed it.

Saturday, 30 December 2006

DCM new dare...

Design brief, make a simple Thank You card.
Here is mine.
It is good to play along again, as being poorly left me too tired to create!!
I've used purple sarapapers, silver peel off corners & words, clear vellum held on with eyelets,
tags topped with sheer ribbon & tiny flowers with brads.
3 more tiny flowers finish off the bottom corner.

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Wedding Album, Part 2

Signing The Register

Mr & Mrs

Friday, 29 December 2006

A Christmas Layout

This is my very first Christmas Layout!!
It is pictures from my sister's Farm Cottage
hence the title Christmas @ Shortflatt Farm.
I made it using goodies from my Vintage Mega Bonus Box. (Card & papers)
I've added a few rub ons for lack of embellishment ideas!!!!
The tree was given to me as a freebie in an order I place middle of July, can't remember now where from!!!!
Those papers by Chatterbox just screamed christmas to me...

Wedding Album

At long last, I am able to share with you the pages from the wedding Album.
Tracy & Martin were thrilled with it as were Martin's family.
I am so glad as it is quite an undertaking doing someone elses wedding.
I stuck to the colour scheme, kept it simple but pretty & I think I achieved what I aimed for & they are pleased.
Page 1. The Invitation
Page 2. Getting Ready. (My favourite)
3. The Bride awaiting the Ceremony.

Thursday, 28 December 2006

Craft Pressies

Here is a photo of the two packs of special effects card by Papermania.
In front of it is the contents of my Vintage Mega Bonus Box from Scrap Magic.
There are 20 sheets of 12"x12" card & 30 sheets of patterned paper in vintage designs by Rhonna Farrer, Rusty Pickle, K&Co, Chatterbox to name a few. The packs in the front are die cut book plates, some yummy Laura Ashley Buttons & Adhesive envelopes & some 7Gypsies Bali wire (10 pieces)

This picture is my Secret Santa gift from my team mate along with a couple of the jars I bought myself from Ikea to put ribbon in.

My other presents range from, novels by Jodi Picoult, to bottles of wine & Baileys, to candles, body things, Lush bath bars, food. More body things from the Sanctuary & facial creams from Clarins (I am 40 soon!!!)
Also a bottle of my favourite perfume, chanel Chance...... the list is endless......
Sounds like the generation game reading this lot, I'm busy checking the pile for a cuddly toy but I did get cat calender & diary & some very fluffy slippers!!!!
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Wednesday, 27 December 2006


I'm home from Belsay.
I literally got in the door an hour ago & I am exhausted.
I have everything to unpack, washing to do & all my pressies to look at again!!!!
I have some fabby gifts & that includes my Secret Santa gift from my team mate. It was fab, a gorgeous tin filled with ribbon & brads.....

I am still poorly, I ache everywhere & have quite a chesty cough.
I stayed indoors most of the time except for Xmas Day when we went out to lunch & Boxing Day, we went shooting.

I hope you all had some amazing pressies & lots of great food, wine & company.
We had a very lazy time, as most of us were poorly, with a cold, in the end!!!

I got some great craft bits from my sister, which included a Vintage Mega Bonus Box from Scrap Magic & the Creative Keepsakes' book by Ali Edwards, "A Designer's eye for scrapbooking with patterned paper." So, I may be engrossed well into the New Year.

To round off my visit, my sister took me to my favourite shop today, Ikea!!! We avoided the Metro Centre like the plague, but I got some storage bits for my increased collection of craft supplies....

What I'm looking forward to now is a hot bath, very large mug of tea & my warm bed...
Catch up with you all later with some pressie photos..... but first I must locate my camera!!

Sunday, 24 December 2006

Christmas Eve..

Here is my snowman decoration. I get him out every year.
I knitted him back in 1990 & he is still my fav decoration.
I used spangly white for the snow & it always makes me smile when I get him out.

Well, firstly I want to thank all of you for reading my blog. I hope to give you more to see in 2007.
I have a small craft calendar taking shape in my diary of things to make & do!!!!
Perhaps I should re name that Resolution list!!!
Thank you for the lovely comments yesterday, which I only got this morning as my email wan't working again!!! Sadly I still feel like a pile of poo!!! Dad is the same, but I have presents to think about & quite a hefty supply of cold & flu capsules.....
I hope to be online by Wednesday but for those who aren't going to be around,
HAPPY NEW YEAR, 2007!!!!
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Saturday, 23 December 2006


Sorry for not blogging a while, I am poorly.
I don't like to fill my blog with miserable things so usually keep my aches & pains to myself but today, i'm feeling sorry for myself!!

I hurt my foot 14 years ago & it caused my body to get out of line. It puts pressure on my back & I have since been refered to a Chiropractic. I can be sorted out but all this damp foggy rubbish for weather has set the pain in & by the time I've sat all day at my work computer, it is a struggle when I get home.
Now I have gone down with a stupid head cold & keep feeling dizzy.
I'm going away tomorrow & I'm so cross. I hate to be poorly if I can't be home in my own bed.. I don't actually "do" poorly very well. those of you who have read a while will remember my flu just before my sister's wedding!!!
I'm resting & hoping it will clear suitably for tomorrow.

I went to two staff meals this week, Thursday was my old work mates & the food was great.
Last night was the office meal & my throat was sore before I set off. I barely tasted anything I ate & couldn't get drunk, though I gave it my best shot!!!!

I've missed the last dare on Daring Cardmakers. I hope to produce omething later today but am not holding out much hope. My brain, eyes & fingers don't know each other today!!!!
See how I feel later on after a gallon of tea!!!!!!!!!!!
I will make my last post tomorrow & I have no idea when I will get computer access again.

Thursday, 21 December 2006

I've been "Christmas" Tagged

Here goes, Thank You, Jakey!

Egg Nog or Hot chocolate?
Definately hot chocolate, with a smidgen of Bailey's in it.

Coloured lights on tree/house or white?
I most definately like the icicle white lights, they look so delicate.

When do you put your decorations up?
Ususally the last weekend before Christmas & while watching Home Alone!

What is your favourite holiday dish?
I love all festive fayre but I adore turkey with all the trimmings.

What's your favourite Xmas memory as a child?
It has to be my sister's red pyjamas that she only wore on xmas Eve.

How & When did you learn the truth about Santa?
I honestly don't remember. I think it was around the time just after my mum died.

Do you open a gift on Xmas Eve?
We always used to. It was usually a magazine we each liked & a tiny bottle of baileys or brandy for my sister & I, & port ofr Nigel.

How do you decorate your tree?
These days it is just a few mini baubles on some twigs & tiny fairy lights.

Snow, love or dread it?
I love to see snow, it is so pretty & I am transported back to being a child when I'm in it, trying to step where no one else has. But, I hate the slush left behind & the mess.

Can you iceskate?
Ha Ha Ha, you're having a laugh!!!

Do you remember your favourite gift?
Spencer Bear, my teddy & daily companion. (who incidentally is looking forward to his 5th birthday on Christmas Day!)

What's the most important thing about Christmas for you?
Drinking mulled wine & wrapping last minute gifts on Xmas Eve, getting excited about watching people open their gifts next day.

What is your favourite Xmas dessert?
Xmas Pud! My Grandma's recipe.

What is your favourite holiday tradition?
They sadly are all in the past, but it used to be just the ritual that my sister, Nigel & I shared.

What tops your tree?
Nothing... they're twigs.

Which do you prefer giving or receiving?
Of course I love to get pressies, but I love watching others open theirs from me knowing they will love them.

What is your favourite xmas song?
Christmas Carol would be, "Mary met an angel", but Silent Night can bring me to tears.
Pop song has to be Step into Christmas.

What is your favourite Xmas story?

Anyone who has had time to drop by here, if you fancy having a go, consider yourselves tagged!!!

Wednesday, 20 December 2006

DCM final 2006 little extra

Make a tag for a special present, was the design brief for this very final DCM extra challenge for this year.
Here is mine.
It is actually an altered CD & it is decorated with the gift wrap which goes on my sister's presents.
I painted a wooden "C" with chocolate paint & added some tiny bling bits. Some choc spotted Queen & Co ribbon & a mini chocolate button. I used a gift tag & finished it with a snowflake from a papermania metal shapes caddy. This picture below shows the tag tied onto the gift bag. This bag (bought, I will add, no time to make them in the end) contains little tiny pressies so she has a goodie bag to open!!!
If she reads this it will just give her a glimpse of what will very soon be under her tree!!

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Tuesday, 19 December 2006

UKS December Week 4 Challenge

This is my first UKS LO. It is for this week's challenge 10 points
Sketch 10 points
3 patterned papers 15 points
Brads or buttons 5 points (30 bonus points)

total 40

As I mentioned in an earlier post, I wanted to do this challenge, but to be honest I had no idea what photo to use. I thought about a tree, presents & all the usual Christmas things but then my friend Joy emailed to me some pictures of Kimberly's baby girl, Carrington. That suit just had to be scrapped so I asked permission from mum to use the photo & here she is, my Elf....
Joy has kindly emailed a photo of the finished LO to the proud mum so I knew it was now safe to put on my blog.

I have done LO's for my sisters Wedding album, which also earned me 40 points, but as I can't show them yet you will just have to trust me. Just as soon as I get back from Tracy's I will set up a slideshow of the album. I'm getting nervous now, I hope she likes it!!!!
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Monday, 18 December 2006

Gift Cards...

Here are a couple of gift cards I made really quick to put the details of the magazine subscriptions in.
Martin is getting the magazine Bike, & Tracy is getting Marie Claire. She knows about this as it is a renewal but I thought a card would be a nice touch. Her hubby Martin doesn't know about his mag nor does he read my blog!!

I've been over on UKS today mooching about & I really love the December week 4 challenge. It is a sketch & I have already got started on the LO. I am just waiting for permission to use a photo of a gorgeous little baby girl called Carrington. If her mummy doesn't really want me to use it then I have an alternative, but not as appealing, pic for its place...

Elsewhere, I got my final shopping done today & tomorrow they will be wrapped when I take my afternoon off. I think I'm just about done altogether now as if I have left anything it is too late.....
The next few days is going to be about me & getting through the final working week. Posted by Picasa

Sunday, 17 December 2006

UKS Sunday Blog Prompt

Its the 17th today.. only 8 days till christmas... which begs to ask the question:"Where are you in your Christmas preparations!?, have you finished? Tree up? Pressies wrapped?, turkey defrosted lol!?? - whats left to do and how do you feel about this time of year?!"

Well, fifteen minutes ago, I completed the wrapping of my gifts.
I have two gift cards left to make & earlier I decorated my "tree".
I actually have twigs in an urn & I put fairy lights on them & tie on a few baubles.
Not fabulous, but it works for me!!!
I don't have a turkey as I eat out with my family!
I think I have two more gifts to buy & just a few more cards to write.
How do I feel about this time of the year???
Well, Christmas is always a bit difficult as my BIL died & we always spent this time of year together. (Those who read my drivel will remember the post about him & our Christmas customs a few months ago, where I shared my thoughts)
Having no Mum, always brings back memories of the past. Such good times when my sister & I truly believed in the red coat & white beard. I adored that song:
"Who is coming on Christmas night, with a red, red coat & hair all white? Eyes that sparkle like a starry night, I know, don't you?
Who has a bag all packed with toys, & wonderful things for girls & boys?
and a beautiful sleigh that makes no noise, I know, don't you?
When everything is done I feel a quite relief. I like to put my feet up & drink a toast to another fine job done....

Couple of last minute ones

This is a last minute card I had to make first thing this morning as I had missed someone off my list!!!

This is an Anniversary card needed for 23rd December. This is not a great photo, the camera hates this light I think the batteries are very low!! Posted by Picasa

I hate talk talk....right now!!

First I can't get onto the internet & can't catch up with all the blogs, now I can't get emails!!!!!!!!

Seems the server is poorly!!!

Well (rant here, so look away if you are squeamish) I pay the full price for my internet service....

They are so busy giving it free to every Tom, Dick & Harry, that is has caused massive disruption to us PAYERS!!!!!!!! So, talk talk, STOP IT, or I will be finding someone new next year. I don't pay to have nothing.....

Rant over, you can look again now....

Well technically, this is the last weekend before Christmas.aaarghhhhhhhhh....

Guess who hasn't wrapped a single pressie yet??!!! Well actually that is a lie, as I did wrap & post my Secret Santa gift last week, but that is all I did wrap!!

I did manage to scoff a plain chocolate orange yesterday while watching My Die Hard Trilogy on DVD. Well, its preparation food & I was making last minute cards including the Anniversary which will not be Black & White... Photos later, internet permitted!!!!!
I hasten to add, I did not scoff the whole orange, there are 6 segments left, I had to stop eating, I felt sick!!!!!!

Saturday, 16 December 2006

Last Minute Makes..

Don't you just hate it when you recieve a card through the post from someone you forgot!!!
Lucky for me I have a plan for such faux pas!!!
I have 10 minute makes just perfect for the job.
This card is just a silver peel off stuck to some lilac card & cut out.
Rather a bit like the DCM Friday dare, B&W with splash of colour except this is Silver & White with a splash of colour.. Well I didn't have black peel offs did I!!!

The B&W card in the post below is already winging itself to Grantham to a dear friend.
My Dad's card is made & it contains the snazzy holly tag I made for the mid week little extra.
Can't show that, Dad reads every day & I don't want him to see his creation!!! Sorry, Dad, you'll have to wait until Xmas Eve... Posted by Picasa

Friday, 15 December 2006

Black & White Christmas

Just a really quick card for the new challenge over on the Daring Cardmaker's. I needed two more cards to complete all the ones required for sending. I can't show the second as it is for my Dad.
This one is just a simple holly & berries design stamped onto white card for the background. The plaque the main holly is on, was cut using my Carl Hand-Held Cutter with Victorian blade. I inked the edges black to give that "olde worlde" feel & did the same for the message box. Font used, Black Chancery as I think this is a true Christmas font!! I stamped two of the large holly & berries & overlaped them slightly. I used metallic red brads for the splash of colour.

I might make more over the coming days but right now I have two pages of a Wedding Album to complete & a Wedding Anniversary card to make. Been giving the B&W theme some thought for that & see what sketch I come up with.... Posted by Picasa

It's Party Time!!!

Here in the office today, we are having a party!!
One of our colleagues finishes today & is going off to Australia for the next 4 weeks.
So, this morning, she had ordered a buffet. We have food & wine on tap, which is excellent as "lunch hour" can now be "productive hour".
Thanks so much, Den... we luv u!!!
Now, pass that wine.....
New & final card dare for 2006 is up.
Black & White cards with a splash of colour...
Thank You Ladies, we look forward to more in 2007!!!
We say , hopefully, a temporary goodbye to Debs, hope you come back soon, your cards are magic...

Thursday, 14 December 2006

Trying out Beta Power!!

I decided the first thing I would do is pop along to Lynne's blog to leave a comment as I have been unable to for ays. She has been poorly & a bit down & I wanted to wish her well.
found this on the blog & thought, Ooh, I haven't done a quiz in a while....
Wow, the results were spooky....

You are The Moon

Hope, expectation, Bright promises.

The Moon is a card of magic and mystery - when prominent you know that nothing is as it seems, particularly when it concerns relationships. All logic is thrown out the window.

The Moon is all about visions and illusions, madness, genius and poetry. This is a card that has to do with sleep, and so with both dreams and nightmares. It is a scary card in that it warns that there might be hidden enemies, tricks and falsehoods. But it should also be remembered that this is a card of great creativity, of powerful magic, primal feelings and intuition. You may be going through a time of emotional and mental trial; if you have any past mental problems, you must be vigilant in taking your medication but avoid drugs or alcohol, as abuse of either will cause them irreparable damage. This time however, can also result in great creativity, psychic powers, visions and insight. You can and should trust your intuition.

What Tarot Card are You?
Take the Test to Find Out.

Quick, Painless & Hassle Free....

Yes indeed.............. I have moved over to the other side.......
Welcome to Mini Book Pixie blogging in BETA!!!!!!!!!
Everything is entact, working & there, what was I so scared of???
The unknown, it gets us all....

Wednesday, 13 December 2006

My offerings for this mid week extra

Well, the dare did say tags, if you read the post below!! However, I was asked to do some cards with a slight difference & being short of time, I decided to work the dare into my cards. So two cards contain a tag each on the front. These cards are for a brother & sister, a niece & nephew of my work mate. They both have a birthday in the next week or so, but they are not twins!
The boy gets TREE, the girl gets SNOWFLAKE. the little tag in the middle is HOLLY.
It might just wind up on the front of a card anytime soon!!!! I have missed someone out of my makes & still have an Wedding Anniversary & New Years Day birthday to cater for!
I am now the owner of a new cutter & wow, it cuts good!!
Talk about saved by the bell..........

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Things are going against me, but ....

I'm still smiling!!!!!!!!!!!
Yup, seems blogger is forcing me to swop to beta because it is now refusing to allow me to leave comments on beta blogs. I think it is completely unfair as I want to be sure all my slideshows etc... are safely working before I make the switch. And it is not like I don't have enough to do right now!!!!
So I apologise to anyone who thought I was ignoring them...I can't comment on your blogs!!!
On top of this, my paper cutter broke last night, half way through my workmates order. I am like a fish out of water as I rely on it for a lot of trimming. Knife blades blunt far too easy & I like to get everything trimmed down as quick as poss using the cutter.
So more money!!!!!!!!!!! Guess what I'm doing today??
New mid week little extra challenge is up.... tags!!!
Make 3 tags using the following words for inspiration. Snowflake, Ribbon, Holly, Tree, Gift & Silver.
Lucky for me, I got a free tag die with Elliot!!!!! Ha ha ha, you can't beat me that easily.....
I will get them whipped up tonight!!

Tuesday, 12 December 2006

Back Down to Earth, but no bump!!

That's right, I am now back on planet earth after the excitement of yesterday & it was no hard bump down.
I'm still thrilled by it all & the lovely words from all my blogger & forum friends has made me feel really special all of yesterday & right through today too!
But, after all the excitement there is little to blog about as I have been crafting furiously over the last two days & can't share a single thing!!!! Oh it is hard, makes you wish you didn't tell family & friends about the blog, but then who would read my drivel......
I had the afternoon from work, time in lieu & tackled the mountain of craft jobs still needing doing.
Cards to complete & write. Secret Santa pressie for my team mate on UKS to wrap & make a pretty tag for. Got the computer badges done that a colleague requested & just have a gift voucher card & envelope to do for another. Then another asked for a card for her Dad. Her mum died just a few weeks ago & it is going to be quite a difficult Xmas for them. She didnt want anything too jolly & full of Merry Christmas, that is almost complete as I type...
I have the Secret Santa pressie for my work colleague to do next but we don't exchange until 22nd, so plenty of time for that. So, I am starting to feel relief & plan to make something for me. I so loved the Pencil lines sketch no.9, maybe I might get it done once the final two pages of the Wedding Album are out of the way....
Why oh why did I not be born with two pairs of hands!!
Oh, one more thing before I do forget... Blogger is being VERY naughty & won't let me post comments on other people's blogs. I think it is the Beta bloggers. It keeps telling me I can't be logged in & try again later. So apologies to Lynne, craftydevil as I know you are poorly & wanted to send {hugs} your way... I will keep trying never fear... And it isn't uploading pictures either it would seem, despite assuring me it had....yeah right Mr blogger......Merry Crimble to you too!!! bah humbug...

Monday, 11 December 2006

Toot Toot..continued..

And as if today couldn't get any better,(see below) this arrived on my doorstep....Thank You Santa Dad...
Oh the fun I'm going to have with this. Everyone, say hello to Elliot....
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Toot Toot! Just have to share...

I recieved my subscription issue of Scrapbook Inspirations this morning & found my Star book printed on the letters page!!!!!
I'm so thrilled. I've been cartwheeling around the room.
Sad I know, as many of you have been printed umpteen times, but I NEVER have!!!
The star book picture they used,features in my archives post Wednesday 18th October. And on Saturday Novemeber 11th I added a slideshow of the entire book.
I didn't put the pic on again as those of you who read my drivel regularly will already have seen it..
Now perhaps I ought to crack on with the projects I have lined up today being my day off!!!!
What a fab start to the week & Julie at work will be real impresed they have picked the book I made for her niece's 21st!!!

Sunday, 10 December 2006

Sunday Bloggers - UKS Prompt

posted by Scrappyfairy on UKS.

Christmas .... what is your earliest Christmas memories?What made Christmas for you as a child?If you could have anything for Christmas what would it be?
This is my very first blog prompt & I thought it might be a very good one to begin with...
My earliest Christmas Memories are way back when I was about 5 or 6. My mum was alive then & I always remember on Christmas Eve, my sister & I would make our requests. Tracy, would not go to bed unless she was wearing her red pyjamas. Her theory was that Santa wouldn't know her if she wasn't wearing red. I remember that above all else.
For me, what made the Christmas was getting Noddy Fuzzy Felts & Topsy & Tim pop up books.
A big 30 pack of felt tip pens & a few Ladybird books just about topped it off & I was in heaven the rest of the year. Then going to Grandma's for lunch..we loved Grandma, dad's mum.
Now, for this last question, I'm not sure if it means now or then.
So I will answer it as both....
All I ever wanted for Christmas as a child & never got, was an Etch a sketch. I was mesmerised by them. We got Spirographs & they were cool, but not quite the same.
As for now, I can only hope for health & happiness, yes definately these two.

Saturday, 9 December 2006

Day of Changes

Today has been really bizarre!! Apologies, this has been a construction site for most of the day while I played around with my temporary Christmas banner!!!
I have finally decided on this one, (well until tomorrow!!!)
It isn't a patch on the original banner made by the legend banner designer herself, Scrapdolly. That has been dusted & carefully put away until next year!!! However, if I want another top notch one doing, I will go back & ask her me thinks!! Quite fancy a daffodil one for spring!
This morning I had my fav music playing & within an hour someone had emailed to tell me it wasn't!!
I went into blogger to check this out & the nasty people at Webrats have placed two large adverts in my screen in place of Elton John.
So in order not to confuse people, the post inviting you all to Step into Christmas has been removed. I apologise if anyone had left a comment on that post. I do have all comments emailed to me so they are all read daily....& I also pop over to your blog to take a look if you have posted anything new..
Instead, we are still wishing for a Happy Christmas, War is Over....
Hopefully I will not have to change this music, though I did fancy Rockin' Around The Christmas Tree.....

Second round for both DCM dares

Here are two more cards. The first is for last nights "stamp with a twist". I wanted to do a fun kids card as someone I know has a boy coming up 6 & he loves boats. He draws them like this all the time, so I figured it would be the type of boat he will want to see on his card.
I had to pop to a work mates house first as she had the wiggly type of potato masher & mine is just rounded with slots... See I have decided potato mashers are my thing!!!
I also used some bule wrap, some papermania ribbon & some sticky ribbon. Oh & a chopped up cocktail stick, so perhaps this card also belongs in the "Use the kitchen" dare from a few weeks ago!!!!

This second card is the first one I made for the Mid week dare, with the recipe of 5 flowers, 3 patterned papers & a piece of ribbon. I couldn't get the design to work for me, so I tossed it into a drawer & made the red dots & tag one as seen in my previous post.
This one pleased me as I used scraps up & cut circles from them. The large heart is a colorbok's doo dads. The small "love" is from the MM wedding charms pack. Best wishes is a silver peel off & I used a piece of white ric rac. As I used circles I decided to round the edges of the square card.The small purple flowers are from Crafty Carrot.

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Friday, 8 December 2006

Stamp with a Twist...

Yes, that is this Friday's dare....
Stamp a design using anything other than a commercial stamp.
Sounded difficult to start, but I was at work & had only had three mugs of coffee on a Friday morning....
Well the card turned out easy to make, trying to get it into this blog was another matter!!!!!!!
I made mine using my Potato Masher!!!!!
A few flowers, some mottled background paper, 2 strips of lace & a swirl Queen & Co Brad


Christmas isn't just about the gifts, it is about giving in general. (Try telling this to an excited child!!!)
No, seriously, we often forget the true meaning of Christmas. It is meant to be all about a tiny child, born into nothing & giving the world everything.
Presents are exchanged as a symbol of this & I'm sure everyone loves to see beautifully wrapped gifts under the tree.
Today, I ordered my gift from my Dad. He gives us girls money so we can get what we want.
I have added £11 to the money & ordered myself a Big Shot beginners' Kit @ £69.99 & a selection of dies (7 in total). I can't wait for it to come. A big Thank You, goes to Jakey, for putting me on to this company... {{Hugs}} to you, Jakey.xx

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Thursday, 7 December 2006

Hurrah!!! They're Finished

At last the computer badges are completed & ready to go to work & live on everyone's monitor!!!
I'm not sending cards, I'm giving badges.....

Each badge was made using the designs for my Instant Christmas.
To decide who gets which, I asked them Do you want to be A Tree, Santa, Gift or Snowman?
I have to make myself one yet & I also need to get out my French Dolly & knit scarves for the two penguins that live on top of my monitor..They are actually stress toys from Haven Knox Johnson, the wonderful Boat people...
Am thinking I will need to take my camera to work & get a photo of my desk when it is all decorated up for crimble!!!
We have the tree up already, the decorations are mid way..

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Yamaha's New Sleek Offering

Well ladies, I spend my days working in a very busy Marine Department of an Insurance office & my job is predominantly Jetski's.
Now I have a love hate relationship with these things. They look fab, but as I'm terrified of water, looking is all I do. However, no matter where you go or what you watch on TV, a jetski always manages to appear! Which in the height of summer is awful because we practically eat, drink & sleep them!!!!

This is the newest editon to the Yamaha family & I have to say, it certainly got me smiling. I loved the detailed photos (which wouldn't scan properly!) of it & the colour is really nice. Some are bog standard blue...
I might have to scrap about Jetski's as they do take up such a large part of my day, despite having never been on one!!
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