Monday, December 04, 2006

Christmas crafting looks fun...

I have been around the blogs & some of the projects you are all creating are fantastic.
A lot of you are playing along with Shimelle's Christmas Journal & the standard of the work is amazing. Such fabulous seasonal designs that bring out the child in me!!! Pop along to Eleni's & Karen Leahy's blogs for a look at what they have done.Eleni is the Altered CD Queen, I crowned her last week. Just see what she has done & you'll know why I gave her the title...(Well now I'm Prime Minister, I have these powers. Anyone else fancy a title..??!!)heehee.
I really wish I could play along, but with so much other stuff that I have GOT to do, I would only rush & spoil any item I made. Still, I am jotting down ideas & might get something made in the days between Christmas & New Year.
Over on the Bumbleberry Cafe, the ladies are doing a countdown to Christmas. The daily projects are stunning & again I wish I was taking part.
Note to self; next year don't undertake too much for others!!!!!
Mind you, I won't have my sister's Wedding Album next year. This is a big project as part of her Xmas gifts & I want it to be stunning so it is taking time to complete. I am enjoying it & so wish I could share.
Well as today is holiday day, I plan to get a lot more done. I had a brainwave & completed 3 pages of the album last night & today I want to concentrate on some computer badges....
More about those later, my colleagues may well be reading!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Hi Paula, I am running out of time as well, so I know what you mean, but I will go and check the blogs out sounds excellent, love the photo of you outside the DOOR !! LOL !!

Best Wishes

Anonymous said...

Hey Paula ... I'm totally enjoying my title!!! LOL !!! I can't wait until you'll be able to share the wedding album with us ... I hope you'll photograph the whole thing in the end right?

Definitely take Shimelle's class next year, or even the next one she does ... I TOTALLY recommend them!!!

As for the glue with the cds, it's ordinary white glue for children ... very cheap, cost me less than 2 euros at a bookstore ... send me your address via email and I'll send some over to you! :-))