Sunday, December 17, 2006

UKS Sunday Blog Prompt

Its the 17th today.. only 8 days till christmas... which begs to ask the question:"Where are you in your Christmas preparations!?, have you finished? Tree up? Pressies wrapped?, turkey defrosted lol!?? - whats left to do and how do you feel about this time of year?!"

Well, fifteen minutes ago, I completed the wrapping of my gifts.
I have two gift cards left to make & earlier I decorated my "tree".
I actually have twigs in an urn & I put fairy lights on them & tie on a few baubles.
Not fabulous, but it works for me!!!
I don't have a turkey as I eat out with my family!
I think I have two more gifts to buy & just a few more cards to write.
How do I feel about this time of the year???
Well, Christmas is always a bit difficult as my BIL died & we always spent this time of year together. (Those who read my drivel will remember the post about him & our Christmas customs a few months ago, where I shared my thoughts)
Having no Mum, always brings back memories of the past. Such good times when my sister & I truly believed in the red coat & white beard. I adored that song:
"Who is coming on Christmas night, with a red, red coat & hair all white? Eyes that sparkle like a starry night, I know, don't you?
Who has a bag all packed with toys, & wonderful things for girls & boys?
and a beautiful sleigh that makes no noise, I know, don't you?
When everything is done I feel a quite relief. I like to put my feet up & drink a toast to another fine job done....


scrapdolly said...

I love your 'twigs with lights' they look very modern (and a lot safer than a tree)

I think Christmas is tinged with saddness for a lot of people. Sending you higs ... and huge congratulations on wrapping your gifts. That is my job for today

Jo said...

Wow! all the presents wrapped - do you want to do mine lol. Your fairy lights looks so cool :)

Sending you some {{{hugs}}}

Jo xx

Kathy said...

Your "tree" looks fantastic, what a great idea, Paula.

I wish all our presents were wrapped. Most of those for other people are done, but I've hardly started on hubby's yep. Which reminds me I tipped all the stuff I bought on Sataurday out onto the bed to inspect earlier this morning - must go and hide it before he comes in

Jen said...

Love your "tree"! Very festive. I tried to post earlier but the darn thing wouldn't play ball. Sorry it's a sad time for you as well as a nice time, so hugs from me too. You are much more organised than me this year LOL