Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Things are going against me, but ....

I'm still smiling!!!!!!!!!!!
Yup, seems blogger is forcing me to swop to beta because it is now refusing to allow me to leave comments on beta blogs. I think it is completely unfair as I want to be sure all my slideshows etc... are safely working before I make the switch. And it is not like I don't have enough to do right now!!!!
So I apologise to anyone who thought I was ignoring them...I can't comment on your blogs!!!
On top of this, my paper cutter broke last night, half way through my workmates order. I am like a fish out of water as I rely on it for a lot of trimming. Knife blades blunt far too easy & I like to get everything trimmed down as quick as poss using the cutter.
So more money!!!!!!!!!!! Guess what I'm doing today??
New mid week little extra challenge is up.... tags!!!
Make 3 tags using the following words for inspiration. Snowflake, Ribbon, Holly, Tree, Gift & Silver.
Lucky for me, I got a free tag die with Elliot!!!!! Ha ha ha, you can't beat me that easily.....
I will get them whipped up tonight!!

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Anonymous said...

You keep right on smiling my girl...