Monday, December 04, 2006

Festive Day....

Well today has been really good.
I have done a lot without doing much at all, as only a true crafter will know!!!
Honestly, the lists are brill, I have worked my way throught them & got myself organised....
I also got some more of the Wedding Album done & am going to have it finshed far quicker than I stressed I would!!!
So I treated myself to another little look around the blogs & all this festivity is giving me a warm fuzzy feeling...
Over on Janine's blog, I found a link to Mrs Claus.
What a beautiful delight this christmas blog is. I have placed a link to Mrs Claus right at the top of my list of Places I like to drop By, so you can find her easily.
Go over & spend a while looking. Honestly, it is like opening an advent calendar.
Thank You, Janine. I had been over on your blog as Gillian, is taking part in your daily challenges & I needed to check out your prompts to them before admiring their take on what you said. Marvellous work going on here.
Even if I can't take part, I can do the next best thing..... sit & admire!!!
Well done to everyone who is taking part in these challenges/prompts, it certainly brightens my corner of the world. I have chosen pretty pictures when I have nothing to share (or rather, can't share.)
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Anonymous said...

Hi Paula,
Oh I'm the one missing your lovely treasures now!!! I'm looking forward to seeing what you make for DCM when the challenge comes out this week. I soppose all of the extra pressure from being PM is adding to your work load.
thankyou so much for the extra link, I am having so much fun with Janine's challenges..

Anonymous said...

Hi Paula, thanks for the visit and the wonderful comments...swing buy anytime! :)

Monika said...

Hi paula. Must check out this entry for the DCM challenge. Hope you are well.

Janine said...

Hi Paula

Thank you for the mention on your blog. Isn't Mrs Claus blog just amazing!! I am so enjoying watching what everyone has created.