Tuesday, December 05, 2006

The North Wind Doth Blow..

And so does the East, South & West!!!!!
Boy is it getting rough outside as I sit typing this blog entry. I can hear the wind howling & all I can think about is curling up under a warm duvet & sleeping until warmer weather!!!
Where is the man of my dreams when I need him??
Today I did some more Christmas shopping.
My sis & I love Lush products & I asked her if she wanted any.
For those of you who are not familiar the link is here...
The bubble bars & bath bombs are amazing. A few years ago now, Tracy bought me the xmas pudding bomb for me to use on Christmas morning. It was delightful. I also love the ones that fill the bath with hundreds of flower petals. I fully recommend these to all scrappers & card makers alike as they help you unwind.
Amongst my craft bits on crimble morning I know I will have one or two of these lovely "for the soul" gifts. And, the beauty of it is, for many of you International ladies, there is most likely a mail order service near you. Just pop along to
Another one of my fav products is from Boots, Fresh range I'm certain it is called Bedtime bath milk & smells of Baileys. Mine is totally empty now & I hope to pick one up very soon unless Santa would like to bring me some.....
So, with most of my gifts bought, I am feeling less stressed. Most of my projects are nearing completion & I am going to soak up some festive atmosphere & tour some blogs & catch up on the forums.
I am slowly finding my way around UKS. I registered a while ago but never went on.
I like to look in the galleries for inspiration. It is great to see all the fabulous winter designs.
It is far better than experiencing the cold outside. Hark, what is that sound I hear....rain!!! What do you know..lol! Oh well, the very next sound I'm going to hear is my kettle boiling as I make a nice brew & get down to some serious surfing.....
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Anonymous said...

Ah, such a festive blog ... are you still enjoying a wintry day ... it's gotten a bit more chilly today ... I haven't done ANY christmas shopping yet ... LOL ... Usually leave that until the last minute!

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah.... big billy wind blowing up a storm here too Poppet. I've managed a bit of shopping too, and getting very excited now. Love the sound of those flower petals... but sadly i can't have anything in my bath. Shame, i'd have loved those! :-)