Saturday, December 23, 2006


Sorry for not blogging a while, I am poorly.
I don't like to fill my blog with miserable things so usually keep my aches & pains to myself but today, i'm feeling sorry for myself!!

I hurt my foot 14 years ago & it caused my body to get out of line. It puts pressure on my back & I have since been refered to a Chiropractic. I can be sorted out but all this damp foggy rubbish for weather has set the pain in & by the time I've sat all day at my work computer, it is a struggle when I get home.
Now I have gone down with a stupid head cold & keep feeling dizzy.
I'm going away tomorrow & I'm so cross. I hate to be poorly if I can't be home in my own bed.. I don't actually "do" poorly very well. those of you who have read a while will remember my flu just before my sister's wedding!!!
I'm resting & hoping it will clear suitably for tomorrow.

I went to two staff meals this week, Thursday was my old work mates & the food was great.
Last night was the office meal & my throat was sore before I set off. I barely tasted anything I ate & couldn't get drunk, though I gave it my best shot!!!!

I've missed the last dare on Daring Cardmakers. I hope to produce omething later today but am not holding out much hope. My brain, eyes & fingers don't know each other today!!!!
See how I feel later on after a gallon of tea!!!!!!!!!!!
I will make my last post tomorrow & I have no idea when I will get computer access again.


Lynne.x said...

Off to bed with you young lady .... Hope you feel a bit more human by tomorrow {{{Paula}}}.

Alette said...

Oh so sorry to hear you're not feeling well Paula. Hope you do feel better over Christmas.
Wishing you a very happy Christmas and a very happy, healthy and creative 2007

love Alette

Kathy said...

ooooohhh you poor thing. Make sure you look after yourself and get well soon.

I did write a great long message yesterday but the whole lot disappeared for some reason.

I wanted to wish you a Happy Christmas, and also to say that each year as we sit down to lunch on Christmas Day I always give a silent toast to those who are no long here to celebrate with us. This year I have another dear relative to add to that list. I know your Christmases are also tinged with some sadness too and thought you might also like to think about doing this - somehow it makes my loved ones feel part of the day even though they aren't here beside me.

Have yourself a peaceful, happy Christmas Paula and we'll speak soon

scrapdolly said...

I am so sorry you are not feeling well Paula and I hope you feel better int ime for the BIG DAY

Wishing you a really Merry Christmas and a happy and peaceful new year

Monika said...

Oh you poor babe. I do hope that you are feelihg better. What a nightmare for you missing your nights out iyswim (I know you were there, but it is not the same when you don't feel up to it)

Totally hope you get spoilt on Christmas day, that always makes me feel better.

All the best hun

Maisymary's Findings said...

Hey Paula

I do hear you on not wanting to blog on miserable things - lol ! Sure hope you are feeling better if you see before you go away .

Maybe if you have any time left at all & wanna cheer yourself & prank someone this Christmas - hop on over to for some good Christmas fun & laughs !

here's one of Josh Groban for eg :

see ya back in the New Year !
xo, Pearl

Gillian Hamilton said...

Oh do hope you feel much better soon.. what an aweful time to be sick.. {{{{{BIG HUGS}}}}}hope your soon back to your old self...

Scripture by Design said...

Thanks for your comment on my blog Paula! Hope you had a merry little Christmas!!