Sunday, 19 June 2016

Father's Day

Hello, I am back!
Bet you didn't even miss me.
Here I am with a card for my Dad.
I plan to be back with more stuff soon.

I stamped this gorgeous "brand new" stamp
design from Carabelle Studio - Bird Journal, 
onto water-colour cardstock.
I applied some coarse texture paste
through a CW Harlequin Stencil.
Once dry I sprayed with Lindy's Stamp Gang;
Clam Bake Beige
Cape Cod Coral
Then I mixed up Magicals, also from Lindy's,
Dark Truffle Brown & Milk Chocolate
into sprays and over sprayed with them.
I also made up some Nutmeg Primary elements
to spray on the texture.
Your'e the Greatest stamp - Papermania.
I love these colours.

So where have you been? I hear you saying.
Well work, obviously most of the time.
But, I am in the process of making my craft area in 
the bungalow more efficient with lots of great storage.
I do plan to actually do some crafting at some point!!
I have made a few cards that need to be uploaded and to
be perfectly honest, I am too lazy to boot up this computer
or at least I was, but it now has a new home in the guest room
which will make life far easier for me.
Got pots of flowers in my garden, hanging baskets on the
corners of the house and a Japanese Maple in the front.
It is beginning to look like someone lives here. 
My Dad cleaned all the fascias (which hadn't been done in 
a VERY long time) and it looks much neater outside.
He also recently painted my gas & electric meter doors
and the house number, so the only thinking
letting the place down is the pipes.
The birds love my feeder and I am content to sit
& watch them for hours.
I will be back soon with more photos
& craft things.