Wednesday, 17 February 2021

Anniversary card times two!

 This first card was made September 2020.
It was never received! It took ages to create. 
I went all out to make it special.

This second card was made October 2020 for
my sister. I was really pleased with this.
I kept it clean & simple, but with depth.

Tuesday, 16 February 2021

Christmas cards

 It's been a while!!!

I've not been crafting a whole lot & of the few bit I have made, many have been direct copies of other people's work.

One I did make was a Christmas story scene book. Fully stamped & coloured. I will share it here.

This first card is my Dad's.
The arm & record move.

This is my Sister's. She loves clean and simple.

This is for Donna & Rod. Such a cute pop up.

This one, I made twice with slight differences inside.
One for Queen Bee and one for Claire.

I made Three of these. Two the same for my work mates
Rose and Claire.
The third for Kim.

This was actually one of twenty that I made in July 2020!
Thought I'd start early and get the street cards done.
Made extras for a few other people.
Because of the story book, some never got cards.
I made a few New Year's ones, but crafting is not
my priority. I'm working on a new story.