Thursday, 18 December 2008


is running away!!
I'm so busy at work & all the craft things that I have managed to make, is not for sharing just yet.
Due to family illness we girls on the Mojoholder DT had to finish for Christmas earlier than planned, but we will be back as normal in the New Year. I hope to be back on this blog at the weekend!

Sunday, 7 December 2008

Things Are Looking Festive....

around here!! I made this mini banner to dress my mantlepiece. The fire no longer works as the chimney is unsafe & too expensive to repair so the gas fire had to be capped off to prevent Carbon Monoxide fumes entering the flat. I begged my landlord to leave it in because it makes a nice focal point for the room & takes the eyes off the manky wallpaper! I painted this fireplace as it was brown & red!!!! The decoration at the bottom is my Instant Xmas. Many of you will remember how I made it from a cheese box two years ago. I love to light my candles & turn all the lights off.

Wednesday, 3 December 2008

A Layout...

just because... I wanted to create it. AND, I totally enjoyed myself. I bought this fabulous Add On kit Hobson's Choice with my last SC kit Fountain Square. They feature October Afternoon Weathervane products & are very close to my heart...... they are all about HOME.

The stamp at the bottom is Heidi swapp as is the clock that I placed on the time card over the clock image. I had planned to upload this yesterday, but instead, spent the whole day under a blanket on the sofa thanking God for looking out for me. My friend Louise & I set off for work in the snow & 500 yards from my front door the car couldn't cope with the ice under the snow & skidded right across the road we were trying to turn right onto. We hit the pavement very hard, damaging the wheel rim & tyre, which I couldn't understand as we were crawling along at 4 miles an hour. The biggest worry was the car travelling far too fast behind us. He couldn't brake & had to swerve to miss us. He was only inches away & another vehicle was coming towards us. I can't even let myself think of what could have happened. I was shocked for most of the day but counted my blessings for being unharmed. Being here in the sanctuary of my home, I felt so safe & warm so even more fitting that I made this page on Sunday afternoon!