Tuesday, 31 October 2006

Halloween & other things...

Found this on blogthings thought it was funny.....

Your Unique Costume is a Voodoo Doll


The answers to my crafty questions that I set a few posts ago are coming in now & boy, have they set me thinking AGAIN!!!
My brain hurts with all this activity..lol!
Anyhow, I am reading them all daily & making note... Please, if you haven't read them do, & play along. The more people who play the game the better.
I plan to spend everyday of November doing a different technique, until I have done all the ones I love & forgot about...Someone mentioned peel offs & acetate, love that must dig out my glass paints...
I will try to make a card every other day & see how much I can do.
My other project is an 8"x8" wedding scrap album for my sister & it will not be getting posted on the blog because she reads it & I don't want to spoil the surprise for her. So I do need something else to "show off"!!!!
Obviously, with the card dares coming in weekly it will give me a chance to put these techniques to good use too!

Sunday, 29 October 2006

Thank You Blogger!!!

Had a nasty surprise this morning...blogger wouldn't publish anything.
I'd tried to post yesterday from my photo program Picasa (as I have done for days) & blogger refused the post.
I managed to re post the card dare from within blogger, but today it kept refusing to publish telling me there was errors. Meaning the refused post. I couldn't alter my clock or post the questions below....
I contacted blogger this morning & all is restored so Big Thank You to Blogger!!

Thoughts turned to techniques..

It has occurred to me over the last few days that I have so much stuff I have forgotten about!!!
It was when the 2nd dare for the Card makers went up....
I suddenly realised that it had been a while since I'd made salt dough. In fact I have some VERY CAREFULLY labelled in the freezer...lol!!!! But with no time to defrost it I made a small fresh batch & really enjoyed myself. Loved geting my fingers sticky & dirty & food colouring covered!!!
Then last night it set me thinking how many other things I hadn't done in a while...
So here are a set of questions I asked myself & the answers... I hope others will read this & it will set them thinking too......... Play along if you want to leave me a link or comment...
What I do know is a tidy craft place is not always a good thing as you do forget what you have.....
1) What technique would you consider to be your "trade mark" (what do you do most?)
I use file folders a lot in my mini books to hide photos & looking back at my card designs I have used tags a lot.
2) Which technique(s) do you wish you could do/do better?
I can't make fimo/clay models for love nor money & nor can I draw free hand!!!
3) What are your 4 favourite embellishments?
Buttons, Brads, Ribbon, Blooms (plastic or paper)
4) What are your 3 favourite gadgets?
Corner rounder, Making Memories Eyelet Setter, Heat Gun(so versatile for drying,setting etc)
5a) What do you like to do but haven't done in a while?
Salt Dough, Stamping
5b) And what have you done recently & forgot how much you enjoyed?
Embossing (I did the cake on my sister's Wedding card)

Saturday, 28 October 2006

Card Dare no.2

The second dare was up yesterday & it was this:
"Use The Kitchen"
The theme was open so you didn't have to make a specific type of card, But the dare was, you had to either have something from the kitchen on the card or have used something in the kitchen to make it...
My card is a nature one & I baked this salt dough plaque in my oven after making the dough with flour, water & a bit of olive oil....It is coloured using watered down green food colouring as at the time I had no acrylic paint!!!
The design isn't very clear to see on the photo, but is a stylised tree, fashioned with a cocktail stick...

I did have another one which I made for my sister to celebrate Autumn & it is gorgeous but sadly the camera was flat at the time & the card was scanned so the image is blurred. I may post it later just so it can be seen.
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Friday, 27 October 2006

Bit more wedding....

First of all may I just say a big Thank You for all the lovely comments regarding the wedding photos & other wedding related items.
I don't want to bore people for too long on the same subject, but blogs are for sharing good times & this is one of em!!!(& I said I want mine girly & pictoral!)
Can I also say, the next card dare is up for those who are playing along... Can't wait to see what you produce & if you stop by, please leave me a link... a kind of I'll show you mine if you show me yours!!!

Below is a picture of the dinner table. Sadly the light was low but it kind of captures the mood. It was 8pm & we had been drinking champagne all afternoon. Us girls, along with John (hair) & Gemma (everything else!) drank some champers while getting ready & it was a very nice little number at £70 per bottle (Thank You, Trudie!! party girl!!)

For my meal I had,
Appertiser of smoked Salmon on bed of rocket
Starter, strips of beef in spicy sauce with salad, with sweet potato chips
Intermediate of refreshing champagne sorbet
Main, Monkfish served with beautiful veg in sauce & potato cakes
Dessert, white & dark belgian chocolate moussee on shortcake..
& more champagne cocktails............

& here is a photo of my teddy bear, Spencer, I talked about earlier down the blog. He goes everywhere with me & he loved the bed at the castle....
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Thursday, 26 October 2006

Thank You card

The Card
I can't take any credit for the actual design of the card below. I did make it, but it was a sketch found in a May post of Kathy's blog. She can be found in my sidebar under "Places I like to drop by" & under "Inspiration" in the cardmaker's dares blog.

This is a card for the bride & groom thanking them for paying for our castle accomodation & the truly wonderful meal which was five courses. Also on arrival in my room I found a goodie bag consisting of a half bottle of champagne, Thorntons chocolates, a Jo Malone candle, mini Spencer teddy & a Lush bath melt!!! This is my sister all over..... her big day & she ran around making sure I had treats!!!!! Big hugs to you Tracy. Although she is now in Cork, Ireland for a few days.
Dad is half way to Sydney, Australia & I feel rather strange knowing I only have a couple of rellies left in the country!!!

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Gift CD' wallets.

Yesterday I was busy crafting.As Dad & I were responsible for the mass majority of the photographs, I decided to make gift CD's for a few people.The one below is my sister's, they can select, edit & print whichever ones they want.(I will also make a small scrap album of my favs as a keepsake of her day)We don't see each other until Christmas so I have quite a bit of time as I WILL NOT post it!!!!!

Then I made one for the bridesmaid & one for Martin's sister & brother-in-law. They can then print off pictures for his parents. The way I see it, I get to save a fortune on ink & photo paper & my pictures are so large they would not email & I took over 250!!!! All three have the same cover design except the groom's sister had to have white as I ran out of the cream!!!

They also shared the same photo of the marriage castle behind the pocket.
I made them quite simmply from a piece of 12"x12" cut into half. Each 6" piece was then turned length ways & scored 1" in from the bottom edge. I then turned them again & scored in half then either side of that score line to make a book fold.
The bottom scored line was then cut away from the left hand side of the open book & the right hand side turned up & attached with double sided tape.

They were quick & effective. The CD had to be blue tacked in as I should really have made the pocket deeper but cream card is in short supply here!!!

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Caught on camera..

Well during my stay at the castle I found the man of my dreams..........
Yes ladies, my father caught me on camera with him...

We tried to hide in the many shadowed areas of the castle, but he hunted us down. And no, he wasn't the best man, I wasn't the bridesmaid!!!
He is just how I like my men, quiet & shy, but strong when I need him to be... a sort of knight in shining armour you could say........... And here he is........

That got you going didn't it!!!!!!!!!!
I would imagine he is cheap to keep too.... one can of WD40 a year do you reckon......

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Wednesday, 25 October 2006

well behaved little darlings...

All weddings should also come complete with these two.... Lewis & Amy.... The family call them Ant & Dec.....
Seeing them sat here like this reminded me of a favourite children's story book by Enid Blyton, The Wishing Chair..
They looked like King & Queen...

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The siblings photo

The two sisters with the bride & groom.....another of my fav pics...

This proves that weddings always have a fun element to them for some.... Tracy & I laughed hysterically as Martin & Jane's father, Colin jumped around pretending to be a drunk morris dancer..... Jane's face is saying Oh no, I can't believe dad is doing that!!! Martin's face is saying Oh God, I can!!!

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Favourite Wedding Photo

This is my very favourite picture of Tracy & Martin. Scroll down for more if you haven't already visited my blog.
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The Wedding Card

The card I made them is an embossed cake using pearl & gold embossing powders.
The inlay was made with patterned vellum & I printed the message on clear adhesive vellum.
And because I was feeling fancy I gave the card a normal printed insert as well to write on.
It is the flashiest card I've made yet. Thought if I hadn't had the flu, I would have embossed the card myself. I used a pre-embossed card from The Range. The cards are "Dots" made by DCWV. They come in packs of ten for £4.99. I mixed the two powders together for the cake as my sister told me the colour of her dress. In the right light it has a gorgeous shimmer & she simply loved it... my sister is very much a "less is more" card type of person. She hates too much flounce. Posted by Picasa

Ha Ha to Blogger....

I got this into my blog via my new photo editing program Picasa, free from google.
So at least if blogger doesn't want to play ball I can get them in anyhow!!!!

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More of the Wedding..

EDIT... Blogger won't let me upload the photo just yet, surprise, surprise!!!!!
But here is some more about the wedding anyhow, sorry if I bore you all, but friends who read this will not have to have numerous emails to tell them over & over!!!

Once we arrived at the castle & I'd got over the initial excitement of how fab it was...
I took some photos & we headed straight upstairs to see my sister as the hairdresser & beautician were already getting started. Tracy & Trudie were both having false nails before their make-up. I showered got into a robe & John started on my hair.
Sandwiches were brought up & despite having ate a full cooked breakfast at 10.30am, I was famished...
Dad went to our rooms with all the gear & had a lay down as he was quite tired from the drive.
Whilst I ate my sandwiches, Gemma painted my toe nails as I was wearing open toe sandals.
Next came my make-up & all that was left for me to do was step in my dress. It got really hot in the room which you wouldn't expect from 7 inch thick castle walls!!! I took a few pics of Tracy & Trudie having hair & make-up done so I can make a scrapbook of the whole day for her. Though I didn't take pics of Trudie trying to get her into the dress!!! It was sticky & despite two showers the dress didn't want to slip on!
Mind you I had trouble getting mine on too!!!
My dad really expected me to walk out of my room in trousers, blouse & jacket, as that is really all I wear bar the odd skirt. His face was a picture when he saw this dress!!! I wanted a photo outside the castle door where you can see the name at my feet... I don't take very good photos but I did feel really great in my dress. (well until the corsage was pinned on & it felt heavy & I had to check my boobs weren't hanging out over the evening meal..lol!)
I think I scrubbed up well, thanks to John & Gemma & of course for Trudie, as she treated me to it.

Tuesday, 24 October 2006

First Wedding Photos

What can I say,
The castle was amazing, everything I expected.
The wedding went really well & we were blessed with good weather for some nice outside photos.

We left my dad's house at 8am & drove into the castle gates exactly 4 hours later 12 noon!
From then on it was non stop... the champagne flowed steady all day & despite drinking large quantities, was so excited at being in the castle, I only slept 5 hours. Regardless to say, the moment I got home this afternoon, I laid down for 3 hours & have only just got my photos uploaded onto the computer....

Sunday, 22 October 2006

Naughty Blogger...

I have been trying to add some bits to the template of my blog & whenever I do it throws my profile, my picture & all my links half way down the page!!! aargh!!! lots of chuntering etc....
So all new additions have to go at the bottom above my music videos!!!
The 1st addition is a picture cube of some photos of my family back at the end of WW2.
The other addition is a slideshow of some of my favourite cards I have made over the past 3 years.
This slideshow can't be added to unfortunately, but they are old designs so not to worry!!!!

Well tomorrow is the big day & today I go over to my father's in Immingham for the night. We then set off for Langley-upon-Tyne first thing Monday morning.
Everything is packed ready & I'm checking & double checking I haven't left anything off my list... for example last night, or should I say at 2am this morning I woke hot & panicking that I'd forgot to pack my black strapless bra... Not much use wearing a white one under a strappy black dress now is there!! Sure enough it WAS NOT in my case..... Nor was my teddy... Sad but true, I have a bear called Spencer & he goes everywhere with me....

The story behind the bear, & I'll make it short to prevent boredom....
When I was small my mum died of cancer. For a while I lived in a foster home. At the home, they took my teddy bear from me because he was dog-eared & threw him away. I saw their 3 pet dogs ripping him to pieces. I was traumatised by it.
5 years ago I was going through a very rough patch, when my Grandma was very ill & my big sister, Tracy bought me Spencer bear from M&S... Grandma passed away & he was a great help through all the tears & pain. Now he goes everywhere with me.... I can't leave him at home, he is my comfort source & he will love sleeping at the castle with me...... So now I have revealed that I am a bit of a softy.... Oh well!!!!

Saturday, 21 October 2006


Something new has happened. Someone has started a dares blog for cardmakers. You can check out the link in my sidebar under Inspiration.
The first dare is friends.
I made this card for a friends 40th, she didn't want 40 plastered everywhere & as I have no designs with "Friend" on I have posted this anyway.
I still make cards but run out of inspiration so hope to follow this blog.
If you don't have time for a mini book or full 12" page a few small cards are great & my colleagues at work buy them from me all the time. My stock is low & it is time I got myself into gear & got some more made. Here is the kick up the ass I need.
Paula Sealey is also running another challenge & it is an Xmas one. It kicks off with cards so pop along & take a look...

All Change...

for the music that is!!!
Well I do really love "I'll Stand By You", by The Pretenders & the video is very sad in a way.
So I have kept that on.
If you scroll down to the bottom & stop the autostart video which is my new song "Just Another Day", by Jon Secada.,you can then play the other video.
There are so many songs I wanted to use but no one has code for them. These two are really lovely though.
Now I must get ready for a haircut, need to be well trimmed for Monday...not long now! My castle awaits....

Friday, 20 October 2006

Quick Update..

I was asked to make this card to go with the circular baby mini & forgot to post the photo!!!
Talk about blonde moments.. I also forgot to put that I got my hands on a Scrapbook kit for £6 yesterday from The Book People. They come round our office & mainly it is stuff for kids or cookery books, I get the mag at home too but didn't see this in it. They had this rather plush red/pink album with window & a kit inside. It looks quite vintage, no idea what I will use it for right at this minute, my blonde moments aside... but it was too good an opportunity to miss. Will post a picture when I get it home!!!

Friday, thankfully

I am so glad it is too!
This flu really took it out of me & after two days back at work, I feel drained.
I can rest a while tomorrow but have a haircut in the morning. Then its over to Dad's Sunday ready for the trip to Newcastle early Monday morning. We have to be at the castle for 12 noon.
Once there it will be hair & make up done by a beautician & hairdresser.
The wedding is at 3.30pm, so I have chance to grab my camera & get a few pics.
All the actual castle rooms are taken by another wedding party (curses, mutterings) & therefore I am sleeping in the castle view rooms. But, I don't care all that much, a castle is still a castle & the rooms are all similar.....
Slight problem with the wedding plans.....3 days left to go & the bride is nursing a high temperature & sore throat!!! But, I am not guilty of passing it to her as we live a fair few miles apart!!!! The groom is reported to be okay, just bricking it!!
Having had nightmares about losing the photos on my camera, I have persuaded my dad to take his laptop with him just in case. That way I can upload the photos & then transfer them to my memory stick should I get a lot. My memory card holds plenty, but I'm worried something might go wrong & I'd lose all the images!!! All I need to do is find the cables for the camera!
Dad flys to Australia on Wednesday for 3 weeks to stay with some friends that emigrated there quite a few years ago. Hopefully he will have some lovely photos for me from the trip! Then when he is back & settled he is going to make a movie from all the wedding photos & maybe from his trip too, so that will keep him out of mischief.....
Me, I'll have some scrapping to do!

Wednesday, 18 October 2006

Getting back to normal..

I am now back in the swing of things, if you call dragging yourself into work & being exhausted by the time you get there, "in the swing"...
At least I am crafting again after days of lethargy & here is a couple of pictures of the completed star book.. It goes to work with me tomorrow. The circle baby mini went today. It was well liked by my colleagues so no doubt it will be a popular format for future projects. Mind you I loved the star book & plan to make more of these in different sizes. I actually have no projects on the go now & am using a bit of time to plan my next once I get wedding photos, I will have sketches ready to get me going. I also remember being asked if I could make a mini holiday album for Jade's boyfriend. It will be a Christmas gift for him showcasing the photos from their Egypt trip. Perhaps now might just be the time to follow that up...

But first, I have to sit & read the new issue of Creative Scrapbooking from cover to cover with a mug of tea!!! I love opening new magazines, there is something fab about the new crisp cover. I usually ignore the contents page preferring to turn each one over & see for myself what is on them!!! I most often flick through quite quick first time just as a taster, then go back to the start & read each page bit by bit... rather like savouring a chocolate bar (except I no longer eat it!)

Tuesday, 17 October 2006

You Are Lavender

You are a sweet person with a very soft personality.
People become easily entranced with you. They seem to glow around you.
You have a quiet energy that can keep you active late into the night.
Even if you aren't the life of the party, you definitely keep the party going.

It should have said "royal" purple, as I'm going to be a fairy princess..(more like fairy elephant, you ain't seen me trying to walk in heels.. lol!)
I was meant to go back to work today, but decided perhaps one more day might be better for me. It was. I didn't sleep all day, which was a first time in a week.. I am coughing quite badly & I might well regret going back in the morning, but I have no sicknote so back I have to go...
Still, I only have 3 days to get through then I have a weeks holiday & I'd rather be ill now than when I'm off as usually happens!!
Once I get through the wedding I can come back home & rest all that week & I should be 100% fit for going back.
On a brighter note, I felt like crafting, I know I said I did yesterday but all I ended up doing was sketching the design for the star book then fell asleep in my window.......
I have covered some ground & caught up lost time. So, Julie should get her star book for Friday as originally planned...phew!!!!

Queen's classic "Nothing Can Stop Me Now" comes to mind as I type this, though flu certainly tried!!!

Monday, 16 October 2006

Slight Improvement!

Or at least I think so!
My head is a shed..lol! It is very autumnal outside & I do actually feel like crafting today.
I am one who looks forward to any time off work but when your off ill, it isn't quite the same is it?
You end up doing dying swan impressions & generally feeling sorry for yourself. I've got out of bed & laid all day on my sofa watching movies. Constant trips to the kitchen for mugs of tea have been my only exercise & all around me my home is gathering dust, thick piles of it....
Well perhaps I exaggerate a little but we women always see the worse when we can't do anything about it.
My fabulous "Billy", Ikea bookcases are white & show all the muck but yet they make my room feel open & clean usually!!!!!
Over the weekend we saw some sun here in Scunthorpe, (rare as it seems) & I enjoyed the heat of it sat on my window seat. It got quite hot & reminded me of summer..... It seems so far away already. There isn't really much to see but I love watching people go by.
If the sun thinks about coming out later I may well find myself sitting here & looking through my subscription issue of Scrapbook Inspirations, that Mr Postman kindly dropped through my letterbox earlier today....

Saturday, 14 October 2006

Time is running out......

& I still feel positively crap!!!!
My sister's wedding is now just 9 days away & I really have to be better!!!!!!!!
She is getting married in Langley Castle & I am sleeping in said Castle for the night...
To say I am excited is very much an understatement, but I just can't be snotty & coughing!
I am a typical "little girl who grew up wanting to be a fairy princess".
However, after my grandfather died, my father took on the farm & I turned into a tomboy in & out of tractors. All my little girl fantasies died a death, but recently I have had a yearning for pink & lilac & am turning "Laura Ashley"!!!
Now I am going to realise a dream!!!!!!!! My camera is already cleaned & ready. All batteries ready to go on charge.
I just need to be well....
This is the Castle.How magical is this....

Friday, 13 October 2006

Music problem sorted.....
New song I'll Stand by You, The Pretenders....
I gave up on Roxette.
Have slept all day & feel like a cup of tea now!!!


I haven't updated this blog for several days as I am off work with a nasty virus.....
I can't speak, sleep all day & feel crappier than a crappy thing!!!!!!!!!
I struggle to stand up, am sweaty, snotty & disgusting in general....
I don't "do" poorly & hate taking time off work!!!!!! This is when I hate living alone the most!!!
It was brought to my attention my music is not playing but I can't rectify it right no, so apologies if you were enjoying listening to Roxette previously....
I will see if I can sort something else at the weekend. Right now I'm heading back to my bed.........

Tuesday, 10 October 2006


You Belong in Fall

Intelligent, introspective, and quite expressive at times...
You appreciate the changes in color, climate, and mood that fall brings
Whether you're carving wacky pumpkins or taking long drives, autumn is a favorite time of year for you

I adore these quizes for a splash of colour & this one is actually true.... I adore Autumn.....
Had a fabulous day off yesterday, but my throat started to feel really sore by bedtime & I woke up feeling like a pile of poo this morning!!!
Oh well, get it over with now & I won't be snotty for the wedding!!!
Got the photos from Julie to begin my star book but, oh! how I hate scanning them!!!!

Monday, 9 October 2006

I've cheated!!! Just in case I over sleep in the morning, I have changed my music now!!!!
Truth, I hadn't decided what I wanted from my selection, or if they had it...
They hadn't but they had this one instead...
I wanted " Listen to your Heart", Roxette, but had to settle for
"Must have been Love".
Oh well enjoy!!!

Breaking a record

I have managed to remain upbeat not only all of last week but over the weekend through to today, my day off. The reason I'm surprised is that I haven't been well for the last week but I guess I'm so happy with what I'm doing right now, it doesn't matter!!!
My blood sugar levels are messing around & if I don't eat every hour I go giddy & embarrass myself by flaking out!!! The tests come back negative for diabetes & thyroid, however I was diabetic during my pregnancy, 19 years ago for 18 months!!!! My maternal grandmother had it & I was told not to be surprised if I get it later on in life... Oh, joy, something to look forward to then..lol!! It is possible that I have a virus & that is why I'm affected or perhaps I'm merely run down & tired......

Well nothing can stop me bursting with pride, as this circular baby girl mini turned out far better than expected. The box is a Laughing Cow cheese portion container & although it is not acid free, I have used all acid & lignin free materials & painted it inside with acrylic paint before sealing it with Anita's clear gloss. Then tissue paper lines it & the circles are only 3" so they don't touch the 4" sides...
Of course as you might expect, I had no pale pink acrylic paint & had to mix my own shade. At first I didn't like it but it has rather grown on me...
Next I am creating a star book as seen in Creative SB in April '06. Anna Bowkis had some rather fab ones & I fancied having a go for the next project order, a 21st birthday. Time is short for this one as Julie, at work needs it for the week of 23rd October... (My sister's wedding day!)
So I figured the star books look really quick & easy to complete.
But, before I do anything else, I am going to sit me down with a mug of tea (or as I call it mugatee!!)
My only problem with the baby mini is this......Do I really have to give away such a gorgeous ribboned box?
Here's hoping I remain upbeat for longer... well once I find the man of my dreams I'm sure of it....

Saturday, 7 October 2006

It's the Weekend...

at last!!!!
Although the sun is shining it is very autumnal out there today...
But I have chores to do & shopping to get before I can crack on with my mini projects...
I hope to get done all I want to today but you know how it is!!

Here is another silly quiz for someting pretty to put on my page!!!
I'm having too many blonde moments to think of anything sensible to say!!! lol!

Your Heart Is Green

Love completes you, but that doesn't mean you seek it out.
When love comes your way, you integrate it peacefully into the rest of you life.
Your flirting style: Laid back
Your lucky first date: Walking around aimlessly and talking
Your dream lover: Is both enthusiastic and calm
What you bring to relationships: Balance

Friday, 6 October 2006

The last Top 5 Challenge

Just to upload my last challenge as I'm quite proud of this. I have never dared to doodle before but felt the need!!!! Will probably post more sensible later....Unless blogger refuses to let me upload my picture like last night & I see you can't click onto it & make it bigger!!!!!
I was going to choose my camera but then I decided to make this Favourite things in my home & no.1 has to be my fab new sofa. It is only a two seater as the three wouldn't fit!!!!!
2. My photo of Grandma & the pink candle.
3. My computer & desk situated in my room
4. My Lilliput Castle
5. The small Ikea stool beside my bath!!!!
I would love to see other peoples' favourite things so if you drop by please leave me a link.

Thursday, 5 October 2006

New Stash

My fab new stash arrived today from Kalulu & it is delicious...
I got me a K&Co SweetPea Studio baby girl minibook kit, as I thought of a project to use the album.
American Tradition Designs Welcome Baby Girl collection of papers
& the divine Dena's Closet Retro collection papers from Colorbok...

So it doesn't matter that the heavens' opened up today & lashed down incessantly because I am in love with my pretty papers. The Dena's closet comes in book form & the cover is so touchable I can't put it down!!! The only problem is what to use first & what to keep, hoard, hide!! lol!
At least now I have found alternative papers to use for the star book & can keep my Sugar Dumplings' all to myself, my preciousssss.... (yes, I am turning Gollum!)

Wednesday, 4 October 2006


Tonight I have added a new link to my site under the Where I spend My Cash.
The link is for the website Kalulu. I have admired the site & dribbled over all the products for some time & yesterday ordered some scrummy baby bits & pieces for my two latest orders. Well I know the second order is for a girl's 21st, but some of the papers are more than suitable & the mini book in the kit is suitable for another project idea I have up my sleeve.
I'm doing so well. I have already got half of the new circle mini stuck down on one side & for the 21st, I am looking at the instructions by Anna Bowkis in Creative SB, April '06 issue, for her star books. I have some Blonde Moments Sugar Dumpling papers but am a tad too selfish to part with them. They will be for ME!!!
I have also got half the next Friday's challenge completed too!!! As I posted this morning, I am so upbeat. It is lovely because to be honest, I have felt so down over the last few weeks due to this & that. Blogging, my friends Joy & Colette, & my crafting are all that has kept my spirits up. I think scrapping should be taught in hospitals, along with taking pets to patients.
My cat Thomas, had to be put to sleep last year, aged 14 years. His kidneys were failing & I had to make the decision to let him go. I had him from 6 weeks old & he is the name behind my card/mini book designs, Totcreations. I miss him a great deal, he filled my life with laughter. He was nosey tot, naughty tot, spiteful tot, & on his first day with me I took his photo & he was nicknamed Tiny Tot (yes you noticed, I was a jelly tot fan as a little girl!) I still design cards, but am guilty of having many designs still in sketch form or part made!!! Every card & mini book goes to the recipient with my own computer generated labels with a picture of tot on them. As he grew old I felt he deserved a grander name & after a play on words I came up with The Toteister.. (the Tot Master)

Good Feeling Wednesday...

I am so upbeat this week it is amazing. Must be the day off, its done me the power of good!
But, it is also the lovely comments I have been receiving from people visiting my blog. Huge Thanks to you all. Being a newbie scrapper I feel tremendous support from my fellow scrapping bloggers. Every time I see my homepage, I think of Karen Leahy, my banner designer & scrap designer. (You all must know of her due to magazine publication & UK Scrappers)
When I made the decision to blog, I wanted it to be a visual delight as well as my ramblings...
I want it to be a girly haven as I was a tomboy most of my life & have discovered Pink & Lilac!!!!
Had great news yeterday,
1) Despite my reservations, the baby boy mini was liked... I had got sick of the sight of it but now looking at the photos in my flickr bar, I can see them from a fresh angle & they look fresh to me.
2) The next baby mini IS A GIRL!!!!!!! (PHEW!) Yeah!!! pink & lilac heaven......a mini circle one is in preparation already.
3) Another order has rolled in for a 21st, so another chance to try a different type of mini (I'm trying to do something other than 6"x6")
Then today's news,
I see Paula has posted the last top 5 challenge & it is a subject I have been planning to scrap for sometime... So I'm thrilled......
Now I'd better get my skates on & get to work....how boring, lol!
I'll post this with a pic of the pansies I would love to own.

Tuesday, 3 October 2006

Music Tuesday

How soon the weeks go by. Seems five minutes ago I was changing my music.
This one is "Shine" by Collective Soul & despite being well over 10 years old, I love it everytime I hear it!!
Work today & after a 3 day weekend I actually feel like going as I have had a craft day & don't feel cheated out of my weekend. Once the shopping, cleaning, washing, ironing etc is done there is precious little time left & I always feel resentful. Well the baby mini gets taken with me to its destination & all being well I should have more details for the God daughter project which has been ordered. I'm itching to get started, (have already used my fiskars circle cutter to cut the circles I'm using for the base!) but rest assured will probably cry if I misunderstood & it is another boy!!!!

Monday, 2 October 2006

Happy Monday!!!

What a fantastic day I have had...
I got some new shoes, or to be accurate, backless Clark's Mules. Mine are falling off my feet.
Then as a treat after de-bugging the attic, I spent the rest of the day making my 7th top 5 challenge. It consisted of ink, chalk & wet t-bags!!!! I was in my element..
I am quite chuffed with the outcome.
We were asked to do a LO with journaling on 5 things that "Make Me Mad"!!!
Mine are ;
Historical Buildings collapsing to rubble due to lack of funds.
Dog Pooh! on footpaths....
Rising crime amongst school children & the elderly.
Food manufacturers' lying about contents
in our food.
Television programs & how they change them for football or move them completely...
Now I am clearing away & thinking what I can eat!!!!!

Mystery of my Unwanted Guests...SOLVED!

The Courtyard
Yesterday evening, Louise, my friend from work, & I decided to go out for tea. Her Fiance was at Karate & she wanted a final splurge before beginning her diet again!!!
We went for a Chinese buffet & was delicious as ever but ate far too much & groaned for the rest of the night!!!! But, I did get the baby boy mini book finished & felt the need to celebrate.
If I ever see it again, it will be too soon!!!!
During our meal we talked about all the usual stuff us girlies do. Well perhaps not make up, we don't really do make up. But, she has changed her hair & we talked on that & the coming working week & the fact I am only working 4 days now until January!!! Once over her jealous pang.. we began to discuss more mundane items as you do & I moaned about my disgusting job of facing the attic. (which I have not done yet but will be doing as soon as I've been shopping!)
She said, Oh, I know what they are. We were over run with them every year when I was a kid!!!!!
Like I really wanted to hear this but apparently they love Silver Birch trees & my landlord has one planted in our courtyard downstairs at the back of the shop. (We are a printers shop & workshop)
So they like to come in through vents, chimneys etc...
Frog, you are forgiven, you did not bring in the beasts, but sadly we have to say good bye as you are ruined!!!