Friday, October 06, 2006

The last Top 5 Challenge

Just to upload my last challenge as I'm quite proud of this. I have never dared to doodle before but felt the need!!!! Will probably post more sensible later....Unless blogger refuses to let me upload my picture like last night & I see you can't click onto it & make it bigger!!!!!
I was going to choose my camera but then I decided to make this Favourite things in my home & no.1 has to be my fab new sofa. It is only a two seater as the three wouldn't fit!!!!!
2. My photo of Grandma & the pink candle.
3. My computer & desk situated in my room
4. My Lilliput Castle
5. The small Ikea stool beside my bath!!!!
I would love to see other peoples' favourite things so if you drop by please leave me a link.

1 comment:

Anam said...

lovely layout - like the concept. drop me a email becuase i'd like to email you abotu something but you dont have an email on your blog i can find.