Monday, October 02, 2006

Mystery of my Unwanted Guests...SOLVED!

The Courtyard
Yesterday evening, Louise, my friend from work, & I decided to go out for tea. Her Fiance was at Karate & she wanted a final splurge before beginning her diet again!!!
We went for a Chinese buffet & was delicious as ever but ate far too much & groaned for the rest of the night!!!! But, I did get the baby boy mini book finished & felt the need to celebrate.
If I ever see it again, it will be too soon!!!!
During our meal we talked about all the usual stuff us girlies do. Well perhaps not make up, we don't really do make up. But, she has changed her hair & we talked on that & the coming working week & the fact I am only working 4 days now until January!!! Once over her jealous pang.. we began to discuss more mundane items as you do & I moaned about my disgusting job of facing the attic. (which I have not done yet but will be doing as soon as I've been shopping!)
She said, Oh, I know what they are. We were over run with them every year when I was a kid!!!!!
Like I really wanted to hear this but apparently they love Silver Birch trees & my landlord has one planted in our courtyard downstairs at the back of the shop. (We are a printers shop & workshop)
So they like to come in through vents, chimneys etc...
Frog, you are forgiven, you did not bring in the beasts, but sadly we have to say good bye as you are ruined!!!

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