Thursday, October 26, 2006

Gift CD' wallets.

Yesterday I was busy crafting.As Dad & I were responsible for the mass majority of the photographs, I decided to make gift CD's for a few people.The one below is my sister's, they can select, edit & print whichever ones they want.(I will also make a small scrap album of my favs as a keepsake of her day)We don't see each other until Christmas so I have quite a bit of time as I WILL NOT post it!!!!!

Then I made one for the bridesmaid & one for Martin's sister & brother-in-law. They can then print off pictures for his parents. The way I see it, I get to save a fortune on ink & photo paper & my pictures are so large they would not email & I took over 250!!!! All three have the same cover design except the groom's sister had to have white as I ran out of the cream!!!

They also shared the same photo of the marriage castle behind the pocket.
I made them quite simmply from a piece of 12"x12" cut into half. Each 6" piece was then turned length ways & scored 1" in from the bottom edge. I then turned them again & scored in half then either side of that score line to make a book fold.
The bottom scored line was then cut away from the left hand side of the open book & the right hand side turned up & attached with double sided tape.

They were quick & effective. The CD had to be blue tacked in as I should really have made the pocket deeper but cream card is in short supply here!!!

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Kathy said...

Just beautiful. And a great idea to let them add their own photos too!