Friday, October 27, 2006

Bit more wedding....

First of all may I just say a big Thank You for all the lovely comments regarding the wedding photos & other wedding related items.
I don't want to bore people for too long on the same subject, but blogs are for sharing good times & this is one of em!!!(& I said I want mine girly & pictoral!)
Can I also say, the next card dare is up for those who are playing along... Can't wait to see what you produce & if you stop by, please leave me a link... a kind of I'll show you mine if you show me yours!!!

Below is a picture of the dinner table. Sadly the light was low but it kind of captures the mood. It was 8pm & we had been drinking champagne all afternoon. Us girls, along with John (hair) & Gemma (everything else!) drank some champers while getting ready & it was a very nice little number at £70 per bottle (Thank You, Trudie!! party girl!!)

For my meal I had,
Appertiser of smoked Salmon on bed of rocket
Starter, strips of beef in spicy sauce with salad, with sweet potato chips
Intermediate of refreshing champagne sorbet
Main, Monkfish served with beautiful veg in sauce & potato cakes
Dessert, white & dark belgian chocolate moussee on shortcake..
& more champagne cocktails............

& here is a photo of my teddy bear, Spencer, I talked about earlier down the blog. He goes everywhere with me & he loved the bed at the castle....
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Alette said...

What a lovely idea to take your teddy with you :) He surely looks nice on the big bed.
And what a lovely photos of the bride and groom, beautiful dress she had and you yourself look so beautiful next to your knight LOL

I couldn't find the story about your teddy unfortunately. Would love to hear it though, I love teddys I made them years back. Made lots of teddys from small to big :) :)

Lauren said...

lol teb looks at home on top of the bed. I think thats great that you always have a travel companion.

There amazing photo's and all the tille projects your amazing.

Have a great weekend,

Lauren x

Jane said...

great photos, Helloo Spencer !loved your wedding card