Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Good Feeling Wednesday...

I am so upbeat this week it is amazing. Must be the day off, its done me the power of good!
But, it is also the lovely comments I have been receiving from people visiting my blog. Huge Thanks to you all. Being a newbie scrapper I feel tremendous support from my fellow scrapping bloggers. Every time I see my homepage, I think of Karen Leahy, my banner designer & scrap designer. (You all must know of her due to magazine publication & UK Scrappers)
When I made the decision to blog, I wanted it to be a visual delight as well as my ramblings...
I want it to be a girly haven as I was a tomboy most of my life & have discovered Pink & Lilac!!!!
Had great news yeterday,
1) Despite my reservations, the baby boy mini was liked... I had got sick of the sight of it but now looking at the photos in my flickr bar, I can see them from a fresh angle & they look fresh to me.
2) The next baby mini IS A GIRL!!!!!!! (PHEW!) Yeah!!! pink & lilac heaven......a mini circle one is in preparation already.
3) Another order has rolled in for a 21st, so another chance to try a different type of mini (I'm trying to do something other than 6"x6")
Then today's news,
I see Paula has posted the last top 5 challenge & it is a subject I have been planning to scrap for sometime... So I'm thrilled......
Now I'd better get my skates on & get to boring, lol!
I'll post this with a pic of the pansies I would love to own.

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lori said...

Those pansies are wonderful. I am finding that pansies add a fun personality to the garden.