Wednesday, October 04, 2006


Tonight I have added a new link to my site under the Where I spend My Cash.
The link is for the website Kalulu. I have admired the site & dribbled over all the products for some time & yesterday ordered some scrummy baby bits & pieces for my two latest orders. Well I know the second order is for a girl's 21st, but some of the papers are more than suitable & the mini book in the kit is suitable for another project idea I have up my sleeve.
I'm doing so well. I have already got half of the new circle mini stuck down on one side & for the 21st, I am looking at the instructions by Anna Bowkis in Creative SB, April '06 issue, for her star books. I have some Blonde Moments Sugar Dumpling papers but am a tad too selfish to part with them. They will be for ME!!!
I have also got half the next Friday's challenge completed too!!! As I posted this morning, I am so upbeat. It is lovely because to be honest, I have felt so down over the last few weeks due to this & that. Blogging, my friends Joy & Colette, & my crafting are all that has kept my spirits up. I think scrapping should be taught in hospitals, along with taking pets to patients.
My cat Thomas, had to be put to sleep last year, aged 14 years. His kidneys were failing & I had to make the decision to let him go. I had him from 6 weeks old & he is the name behind my card/mini book designs, Totcreations. I miss him a great deal, he filled my life with laughter. He was nosey tot, naughty tot, spiteful tot, & on his first day with me I took his photo & he was nicknamed Tiny Tot (yes you noticed, I was a jelly tot fan as a little girl!) I still design cards, but am guilty of having many designs still in sketch form or part made!!! Every card & mini book goes to the recipient with my own computer generated labels with a picture of tot on them. As he grew old I felt he deserved a grander name & after a play on words I came up with The Toteister.. (the Tot Master)

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