Wednesday, October 25, 2006

More of the Wedding..

EDIT... Blogger won't let me upload the photo just yet, surprise, surprise!!!!!
But here is some more about the wedding anyhow, sorry if I bore you all, but friends who read this will not have to have numerous emails to tell them over & over!!!

Once we arrived at the castle & I'd got over the initial excitement of how fab it was...
I took some photos & we headed straight upstairs to see my sister as the hairdresser & beautician were already getting started. Tracy & Trudie were both having false nails before their make-up. I showered got into a robe & John started on my hair.
Sandwiches were brought up & despite having ate a full cooked breakfast at 10.30am, I was famished...
Dad went to our rooms with all the gear & had a lay down as he was quite tired from the drive.
Whilst I ate my sandwiches, Gemma painted my toe nails as I was wearing open toe sandals.
Next came my make-up & all that was left for me to do was step in my dress. It got really hot in the room which you wouldn't expect from 7 inch thick castle walls!!! I took a few pics of Tracy & Trudie having hair & make-up done so I can make a scrapbook of the whole day for her. Though I didn't take pics of Trudie trying to get her into the dress!!! It was sticky & despite two showers the dress didn't want to slip on!
Mind you I had trouble getting mine on too!!!
My dad really expected me to walk out of my room in trousers, blouse & jacket, as that is really all I wear bar the odd skirt. His face was a picture when he saw this dress!!! I wanted a photo outside the castle door where you can see the name at my feet... I don't take very good photos but I did feel really great in my dress. (well until the corsage was pinned on & it felt heavy & I had to check my boobs weren't hanging out over the evening!)
I think I scrubbed up well, thanks to John & Gemma & of course for Trudie, as she treated me to it.

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Kathy said...

Oh wow, this all sounds fantastic, the photos so far are great and I can't wait to see more - what is it with wedding photos that you just can't get enough?!

Pretty much everyone expected me to walk down the aisle in my Reeboks as I rarely wore anything else on my feet. Felt like writing "see, you were wrong" on the soles of my shoes so they'd see when we did the kneeling down bit! But I only take size 3s so there probably wouldn't have been room!