Monday, October 02, 2006

Happy Monday!!!

What a fantastic day I have had...
I got some new shoes, or to be accurate, backless Clark's Mules. Mine are falling off my feet.
Then as a treat after de-bugging the attic, I spent the rest of the day making my 7th top 5 challenge. It consisted of ink, chalk & wet t-bags!!!! I was in my element..
I am quite chuffed with the outcome.
We were asked to do a LO with journaling on 5 things that "Make Me Mad"!!!
Mine are ;
Historical Buildings collapsing to rubble due to lack of funds.
Dog Pooh! on footpaths....
Rising crime amongst school children & the elderly.
Food manufacturers' lying about contents
in our food.
Television programs & how they change them for football or move them completely...
Now I am clearing away & thinking what I can eat!!!!!


Lauren said...

Great LO! poped in to say hi. I'm a aussie here in the UK, just moved here! pop by if you like.



lori said...

I defiantely agree on those make me mad items. Especially the food manufacturers one. My daughter has a food intolerance, she gets quite ill if something has been mislabeled.