Friday, October 20, 2006

Friday, thankfully

I am so glad it is too!
This flu really took it out of me & after two days back at work, I feel drained.
I can rest a while tomorrow but have a haircut in the morning. Then its over to Dad's Sunday ready for the trip to Newcastle early Monday morning. We have to be at the castle for 12 noon.
Once there it will be hair & make up done by a beautician & hairdresser.
The wedding is at 3.30pm, so I have chance to grab my camera & get a few pics.
All the actual castle rooms are taken by another wedding party (curses, mutterings) & therefore I am sleeping in the castle view rooms. But, I don't care all that much, a castle is still a castle & the rooms are all similar.....
Slight problem with the wedding plans.....3 days left to go & the bride is nursing a high temperature & sore throat!!! But, I am not guilty of passing it to her as we live a fair few miles apart!!!! The groom is reported to be okay, just bricking it!!
Having had nightmares about losing the photos on my camera, I have persuaded my dad to take his laptop with him just in case. That way I can upload the photos & then transfer them to my memory stick should I get a lot. My memory card holds plenty, but I'm worried something might go wrong & I'd lose all the images!!! All I need to do is find the cables for the camera!
Dad flys to Australia on Wednesday for 3 weeks to stay with some friends that emigrated there quite a few years ago. Hopefully he will have some lovely photos for me from the trip! Then when he is back & settled he is going to make a movie from all the wedding photos & maybe from his trip too, so that will keep him out of mischief.....
Me, I'll have some scrapping to do!

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