Sunday, October 29, 2006

Thank You Blogger!!!

Had a nasty surprise this morning...blogger wouldn't publish anything.
I'd tried to post yesterday from my photo program Picasa (as I have done for days) & blogger refused the post.
I managed to re post the card dare from within blogger, but today it kept refusing to publish telling me there was errors. Meaning the refused post. I couldn't alter my clock or post the questions below....
I contacted blogger this morning & all is restored so Big Thank You to Blogger!!


Kathy said...

'twas the same for me. The long message and pics I put on my own blog yesterday didn't appear till later. I think they were doing some work though, there was a message on the home page saying something about bug fixing.
The links I added first thing in the morning to the daring cardmakers worked fine, but I realised I'd missed poor Janine off the list and couldn't get her link up till this morning.

I suppose it was OK in the morning because the US was still asleep!

Alette said...

Same here, I couldn't upload any photo of my little frog Delila's blog. Will try again later.
Delila is travelling around the world, she is away for 2 months now and won't get back till next year. She will be seeing a lot of the world, wish I could go with her :)