Thursday, October 26, 2006

Thank You card

The Card
I can't take any credit for the actual design of the card below. I did make it, but it was a sketch found in a May post of Kathy's blog. She can be found in my sidebar under "Places I like to drop by" & under "Inspiration" in the cardmaker's dares blog.

This is a card for the bride & groom thanking them for paying for our castle accomodation & the truly wonderful meal which was five courses. Also on arrival in my room I found a goodie bag consisting of a half bottle of champagne, Thorntons chocolates, a Jo Malone candle, mini Spencer teddy & a Lush bath melt!!! This is my sister all over..... her big day & she ran around making sure I had treats!!!!! Big hugs to you Tracy. Although she is now in Cork, Ireland for a few days.
Dad is half way to Sydney, Australia & I feel rather strange knowing I only have a couple of rellies left in the country!!!

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Saffa said...

OOOh I do like that! I'm sure Kathy would apporove..wouldn't you Mrs!!

What a lovely couple..wishing them all the best...and what a goodie bag wow!!!


Concetta said...

I just popped in to say hi - and see all these great wedding photos! What a beautiful day. Congratulations to all on this dream come true day!

Kathy said...

Awwww that's a lovely card - I hadn't thought of using a photo on that template - it works beautifully - might have to pinch it back :-)
I've used that one for Christmas cards too btw.
Thank you for you VERY kind comments and the links - I'm blushing now;-)