Saturday, 13 February 2016

Home Improvements & Some Cards

Well, they say an Englishman's home is his castle.
I have found mine.
However, not everyone shares the same taste and
work was needed before I moved in!!
Here are a couple of before & after pictures.
First up is my craft room.
This was originally bedroom 3 but
previous owners saw fit to knock it 
through to the already large living room.
This makes it open plan 
one side of the bungalow.

This little beauty (bucket, throwing up here)
adorned the living room wall!

This is a picture of both areas
taken after my Dad kindly dealt with
the beast on the wall

This is pretty much how we look now
A decent photo of the new fireplace wall
will follow.
Heart was a moving in gift from
one of my train buddies, Joanne.

This is the very first craft make
of 2016!!
Colleague, Hollie, gave birth
to her gorgeous baby, Theo, 
8 1/2 weeks early he decided to arrive.
Both are doing very well.
He is breastfeeding and just being
kept in an incubator until he fattens
up a little. Hopefully he comes home
on his original due date of 31/03/2016.

Finally, handmade this as today
is my beautician, Hayley's birthday.

 This close up gives you
a better idea of the shimmer.

Background is stamped in watermark ink
perfect pearls are brushed over to
reveal the image.
French book text is used for
Alice Palace Rabbits
(I love these)
Stamping done in Hero Arts Shadow Ink
Soft Sand for border design.
Well that's all for now, I seriously need
to unpack more boxes. Been here almost a month.
Need to get the craft room up & running.