Monday, October 16, 2006

Slight Improvement!

Or at least I think so!
My head is a! It is very autumnal outside & I do actually feel like crafting today.
I am one who looks forward to any time off work but when your off ill, it isn't quite the same is it?
You end up doing dying swan impressions & generally feeling sorry for yourself. I've got out of bed & laid all day on my sofa watching movies. Constant trips to the kitchen for mugs of tea have been my only exercise & all around me my home is gathering dust, thick piles of it....
Well perhaps I exaggerate a little but we women always see the worse when we can't do anything about it.
My fabulous "Billy", Ikea bookcases are white & show all the muck but yet they make my room feel open & clean usually!!!!!
Over the weekend we saw some sun here in Scunthorpe, (rare as it seems) & I enjoyed the heat of it sat on my window seat. It got quite hot & reminded me of summer..... It seems so far away already. There isn't really much to see but I love watching people go by.
If the sun thinks about coming out later I may well find myself sitting here & looking through my subscription issue of Scrapbook Inspirations, that Mr Postman kindly dropped through my letterbox earlier today....

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Alette said...

Sometimes you have those days you just don;t feel like doing anything. Lovely having the sunshine, we also have lots of sun these days, but the weatherman said it was over, Autumn was beginning. Well we'll see what it will bring us. :)
I will try and put more photos on today, made lots :) Norway is such a beautiful country, you really should go there once :)