Saturday, October 21, 2006


Something new has happened. Someone has started a dares blog for cardmakers. You can check out the link in my sidebar under Inspiration.
The first dare is friends.
I made this card for a friends 40th, she didn't want 40 plastered everywhere & as I have no designs with "Friend" on I have posted this anyway.
I still make cards but run out of inspiration so hope to follow this blog.
If you don't have time for a mini book or full 12" page a few small cards are great & my colleagues at work buy them from me all the time. My stock is low & it is time I got myself into gear & got some more made. Here is the kick up the ass I need.
Paula Sealey is also running another challenge & it is an Xmas one. It kicks off with cards so pop along & take a look...


Kathy said...

Such a lovely keepsake card. I love the effect that lace brings to cards, I like the way it adds another texture and brings a collage sort of feel. I made a wedding card recently using some heavy-ish lace - iot's on my blog if you want a nosey!

Thanks for giving the daring Cardmakers such a nice mention, and for joining in with our first challenge. I'll be interested to see what you make of the next one!!!

Debbie said...

Just to second what Kathy has said - lovely card and your mini books are stunning - true works of art - I've never tried one of these but I think these would be treasured by my family if they were to receive one of these.

Thanks so much for link to our blog - look out for the next date on Friday :)

Jane said...

ooooh what a beautiful card. well done you ! thanks so much for joining in our dare and supporting us ! Hopefully we will see a lot more cards on your blog now ?!

Keryn Campbell said...

I am sure that your friend must have been very excited to receive that card.

Thanks so much for mentioning Daring Cardmakers in your blog.

Anonymous said...

This is a lovely card!!!! I wouldn't mind receiving it! LOL