Monday, December 11, 2006

Toot Toot! Just have to share...

I recieved my subscription issue of Scrapbook Inspirations this morning & found my Star book printed on the letters page!!!!!
I'm so thrilled. I've been cartwheeling around the room.
Sad I know, as many of you have been printed umpteen times, but I NEVER have!!!
The star book picture they used,features in my archives post Wednesday 18th October. And on Saturday Novemeber 11th I added a slideshow of the entire book.
I didn't put the pic on again as those of you who read my drivel regularly will already have seen it..
Now perhaps I ought to crack on with the projects I have lined up today being my day off!!!!
What a fab start to the week & Julie at work will be real impresed they have picked the book I made for her niece's 21st!!!


Anonymous said...

Yay! Paula "WTG"... Congratulations.. What a buzz for you....

Anonymous said...

Your books are fab and you deserve to get them seen more.

Well done you!

Paula said...

Cool news! Congratulations! :)