Thursday, December 21, 2006

I've been "Christmas" Tagged

Here goes, Thank You, Jakey!

Egg Nog or Hot chocolate?
Definately hot chocolate, with a smidgen of Bailey's in it.

Coloured lights on tree/house or white?
I most definately like the icicle white lights, they look so delicate.

When do you put your decorations up?
Ususally the last weekend before Christmas & while watching Home Alone!

What is your favourite holiday dish?
I love all festive fayre but I adore turkey with all the trimmings.

What's your favourite Xmas memory as a child?
It has to be my sister's red pyjamas that she only wore on xmas Eve.

How & When did you learn the truth about Santa?
I honestly don't remember. I think it was around the time just after my mum died.

Do you open a gift on Xmas Eve?
We always used to. It was usually a magazine we each liked & a tiny bottle of baileys or brandy for my sister & I, & port ofr Nigel.

How do you decorate your tree?
These days it is just a few mini baubles on some twigs & tiny fairy lights.

Snow, love or dread it?
I love to see snow, it is so pretty & I am transported back to being a child when I'm in it, trying to step where no one else has. But, I hate the slush left behind & the mess.

Can you iceskate?
Ha Ha Ha, you're having a laugh!!!

Do you remember your favourite gift?
Spencer Bear, my teddy & daily companion. (who incidentally is looking forward to his 5th birthday on Christmas Day!)

What's the most important thing about Christmas for you?
Drinking mulled wine & wrapping last minute gifts on Xmas Eve, getting excited about watching people open their gifts next day.

What is your favourite Xmas dessert?
Xmas Pud! My Grandma's recipe.

What is your favourite holiday tradition?
They sadly are all in the past, but it used to be just the ritual that my sister, Nigel & I shared.

What tops your tree?
Nothing... they're twigs.

Which do you prefer giving or receiving?
Of course I love to get pressies, but I love watching others open theirs from me knowing they will love them.

What is your favourite xmas song?
Christmas Carol would be, "Mary met an angel", but Silent Night can bring me to tears.
Pop song has to be Step into Christmas.

What is your favourite Xmas story?

Anyone who has had time to drop by here, if you fancy having a go, consider yourselves tagged!!!


Susan said...

Hi Paula - thanks for your answers to those tagged questions. I felt a little sad reading some of your wistful answers about what had been so much fun in the past. I am glad you had those times, though. Maybe it is time to start some 'new' traditions - starting with your little twig tree!

Life does change, deosn't it? We have no little ones around us anymore so our 'traditions' have changed too. Now all the kids have partners/spouses we have to fit in with all sorts of arrangements with other people's families - much more complex than it all used to be. I suspect little ones will start gathering round the tree again in the next few years, though, then we can dust off some of those older traditions again or make some new ones ourselves. I like to emphasise the birth of Jesus now instead of the coming of Santa. I'm all Santa'd out!

I hope you have some special people around you this Christmas and every year from now on. It's nice to know you in the blogging world :-)
Merry Christmas!

jake said...

Aw hon..... my christmasses are bittersweet too nowadays, times change but life goes on eh?

Just wanna say I love your lil twig tree!

Hope your christmas is good

all my love
jakey xx

Gillian Hamilton said...

OK, I admit it I'm a 'Pixie Addict'.. should have know i'd be back... seeings it's 1am here, it's now Christmas Eve... So Have a brilliant Christmas Paula...
ps.. that is a great tag, and you've answered it beautifully...

Lynne.x said...

Sorry to hear your ill Paula.
Get some rest, hope you feel better soon.I'll add my answers to my blog.x